Financial Support

Support for financial issues

If you're experiencing financial challenges and you don't think you can pay your bill on time, we've got some options that might help. Get in touch and we can chat them through.

Your options

  • Change your bill date
  • Change your price plan
  • Add or lower a spend cap on your account
  • Keep track of your bill and usage in My3 or the Three app
  • Set up an affordable repayment plan
  • Move to Pay As You Go*

*If you're on a Pay Monthly plan there'll be an early termination fee in line with our Pay monthly terms.

How to get in touch

If you'd like to chat through your options, please call us on
0333 338 1001 or use Live Chat.

Social Tariff

Staying in touch is an essential part of life. So, we’re partnering with SMARTY on the SMARTY Social Tariff – a low-cost, unlimited, 1-month plan for those who need it most. It’s available for new and existing customers who are on any of the following benefits:

  • Income-based employment support
  • Income-based job seekers
  • Income support
  • Pension credit
  • Universal credit

Once accepted, you can keep the plan for as long as you’re eligible. Struggling to keep up with the monthly payments for your Three account? Get in touch and we’ll go through your available options.

Find out more about the SMARTY Social Tariff

Our commitment to you

We’re focused on delivering a great experience for all customers. We understand that everyone’s situation is unique - one size doesn’t fit all. And we aim to be inclusive, providing the right level of support for every customer.

FAQ about Social Tariff

Yes, existing Three customers can move from Three to SMARTY Social Tariff. To transfer, please contact us and we’ll help you through this process.

Yes, these checks will be completed as part of your registration for SMARTY Social Tariff. SMARTY work with DWP (UK Government’s Department for Work and Pensions) to check eligibility for SMARTY Social Tariff.

Yes, you can keep your number when moving to another network. To do this, request a PAC and give it to your new provider. They’ll transfer your number to your new account and your old Three account will close. 

To get your PAC, text PAC and your date of birth to 65075 – your text should look like this: 

PAC ddmmyy

We’ll send your PAC by text and it’ll be available for 30 days. If you don’t use it within 30 days, your contract with us will carry on as normal.  

You can also get your PAC and check for any outstanding charges by logging into your account online, by using the Three app, or by contacting us.

On the SMARTY Social Tariff, you get unlimited data, plus unlimited UK calls and texts for £12 a month. You also get 5G at no extra cost and EU Roaming – up to 12GB included on all flexible 1-month plans. And there are no annual price rises to worry about.

Eligibility for SMARTY Social Tariff is checked once every 12 months. If you remain eligible, you can stay on the SMARTY Social Tariff plan.

If your situation changes and you’re no longer eligible for the SMARTY Social Tariff, you’ll get a notification from SMARTY to explain your options. In most cases, you’ll be moved to a standard SMARTY plan at the same monthly cost as your SMARTY Social Tariff plan.

No. SMARTY Social Tariff is managed on a case-by-case basis.

If a friend or family member would like to sign up for the SMARTY Social Tariff, they’ll need to go through separate eligibility checks.

If you are struggling financially, please get in touch and we can discuss your available support options. We’ll do everything we can to support your situation and find you the best solution.

No. SMARTY won’t do a credit check as part of your registration for SMARTY Social Tariff.

No. Signing up for SMARTY Social Tariff won’t affect your credit score.