5G uk's fastest network

We've got more 5G spectrum than anyone else

And not all spectrum is created equal. We’re building the UK’s chunkiest spectrum leading, router bursting, lag punishing, speed dominating 5G network.

Why we'll be the UK's fastest 5G network

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile network delivering a massive leap forward in both speed and quality. Its super-fast speeds, capacity and low lag mean more people will get more data, faster.

5G will save lives, propel humanity forward, and usher in the utopia that will solve the literal hot mess we’re in. It will turbo downloads so you’ll be able to get a 4K movie in seconds. You'll be living a life less lagged, so no more excuses why 12 year olds keep humiliating you on Fortnite.

Why our 5G is the real deal
London, 5G is in the house

5G Broadband is in the house

We’re not just about phones, we’re about homes too and 5G is here to raise the roof. Our G’s are gamechangers. They’re easier, streamier, bingeier, speedier than ever before. There’s no need for cables or messy installation. Just plug and play.

Only £30 a month

Can I get 5G?

5G is comin’ to town

In certain parts of London, lucky people are downloading a 4K movie in seconds and living a life less lagged. More locations will be enjoying our sweet 5G speed soon. The countdown has started.

LeicesterMilton Keynes

Be first in line for 5G

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5G locations in the UK

How fast is 5G?

Fast. So, so, so, so fast. Like instant fast.

That salty little wheel of doom or never-ending load times? Nope. No more. Download? Do one. Lag? Leave it out.

5G moves us into the generation where the digital world catches up with the real world. Where experiences online will be in real-time. Gaming will never be the same. Downloads will never be the same. And cool things will be cooler while weird things will be weirder.

How fast is 5G? It’s instant. Like life.

What difference will 5G make?

The big news? It's not just about speed. 5G’s gonna drastically change our future. You'll get incredible coverage in busy places. And your connection will be like shut up fast.

You’ll be gaming on packed trains, ‘gramming in festival crowds, and watching loads of different shows on loads of different devices at home with your mates, all at the same time.

But where's it really going? Holograms for work colleagues? Aliens for pets? Tattoos from L.A. while in Sheffield? Gigs sat on stage performing next to your fave artist at Glasto? Conquering Everest in 8 mins flat? Who knows. Maybe. But first, we'll start with incredible phone coverage in busy places, instant-fast speeds and virtually no lagging on the UK's fastest 5G network.

Soldier, Call of Duty

Next level gaming

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®. The ultimate 5G experience.

We’ve teamed up with one of the biggest franchises in gaming history to give you a glimpse of the ultimate in future online gaming. And it’s a mind-blow.

The edge you’ll get over your oppo with our real 5G is insane. Imagine gameplay so responsive that it cuts as sharp as life. Imagine no more waiting for downloads and updates. Imagine the only thing holding you back is you.

With real 5G your squad just levelled up. Massively. The rules of engagement have changed.

Get the low down on the future of 5G gaming

Three, Call of Duty

5G phones – let’s go

Come get ready for super-fast speeds, banished buffering and lag on the low-low with these 5G phones.

How to get 5G on Three

Latest news

Find out if 5G is safe here.

Is 5G safe?

It’s completely and totally safe. Read more about how you’re safe and sound with 5G.

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