5G gaming – welcome to the revolution

October 24, 2019

Man playing video games in living room

If you ever wanted a unique immersive 5G gaming experience, then take a look at this. And, believe us, it really doesn’t get much better.

We teamed up with one of the biggest franchises in gaming history, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, to create a 5G-fuelled, haptic-charged, sensory-overloaded home entertainment experience. Think lighting effects, image projection, and spatial audio transporting you to another dimension of gaming.

Forget 4D, this is more like an ‘oh-my-days’, hyper-immersive, 5G reality that kicks online gaming into the next dimension. Fuelled by Three’s 5G speed, low latency and capacity, you’d literally feel those helicopter blades overhead.

So, with the potential to create the ultimate, online gaming and home entertainment environment, and amazing mixed-reality gaming on the bus, in the street, or down the park, our 5G is the future of hyper-immersive gameplay.

Our gaming story

For us, gaming’s a passion. We’re innovating with it, fascinated by it, and totally here for the 129th century fun of it.

And like all true loves this started years back. Remember Injustice 2? Yeah? Back then we hosted YouTube gaming heavy-hitters Syndicate and Kaarrrllll fighting it out at one of the first events at our studio on Oxford Street.

Pals with some Sidemen? Sure. Before we even had a flashy studio space, Vikkstar and Josh Zerker came in and battled it out with fans on eSports game Vainglory, when, wait for it, the Razer phone was launched. Yep, you just read that. In phone years that’s a long time ago.

So, from those early days, through to retro gaming collabs with OnePlus and Twitch Live streamer B0aty and Team FNATIC Esports gamer Damo. From hosting leading video game designers Rachele Doimo and Alejandro Arque discussing character design and the importance of building a story. To creating the first playable 8-Bit video game on Instagram. Shyeah.

Here at Three, gaming has always been a thing to live, breathe and respawn for.

Back in January we showcased the power of our 5G with the first ever Fortnite Battle Royale, streamed and played on 5G with our pal, Vikkstar.

Fast forward to our partnership with Call of Duty® and you can really see in ‘how does this affect me’ terms, just how good 5G gaming’s gonna get.

And here’s why. We present, for your gaming joy, the 4 big hitters of 5G gaming – speed, low latency, cloud gaming and capacity.

5G speed

Let’s start with the easy one. It’s the thing everyone’s obsessed with and everyone talks about. We know what speed means, right? Faster. And what does that mean for gaming? The hottest games installed the second they’re released. No more waiting hours for it to download. No afternoon spent kicking around while it updates. 5G means you’ll be up and running in no time.

5G latency

But what about the other stuff? Latency or lag is the time measured between you clicking and something happening on screen. “What is this laaaggg?”; we’ve either heard it or screamed it a million times. Well, the great news is 5G promises to cut it significantly. That equals faster load times, improved responsiveness and lower ping for a better competitive edge over your 12-year old nemesis. Nice.

5G cloud gaming

This is the gateway to more inclusive gaming. It could spell the end of the traditional console model that we’re all used to. A tiny streaming device could be all that stands between you and the hottest titles in a matter of seconds. Because the game’s stored in the cloud and not on your device.

It’ll revolutionise virtual and augmented reality experiences with refresh rates that’ll mean seamless, in-the-moment experiences. Think Pokémon Go, but a gazillion times better – multiplayer alien fighting, or defending fantastical kingdoms, in the real world. All without super expensive headsets – just an AR-enabled console, or 5G ready phone.

5G capacity

The all-important word in big cities. You’ll get incredible coverage in busy places, packed trains or festival crowds, or when your kid brother gets home and hops onto YouTube for his fave cartoons. Your gaming won’t be affected at all.

Yep, 5G gaming is something so unimaginably good. So off-the-scale wow. So mind equals blown, it’s almost indescribable.

And for the full, mind-blowing 5G gaming experience, you have to check out our 5G gaming internet.

To every Perrie Edwards and partner lost to CoD – brace yourself for the 5G gaming revolution.

Discover 5G with us.