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Terms & conditions.

Terms & Conditions.

> Pay As You Go Add-ons

Our Pay As You Go Add-ons can be purchased using your top-up credit via My3 or by dialling 444 from your Three phone, and are designed to provide you with an allowance of voice, text and/or data units (depending on the Add-on chosen) which you can use in the UK or in our Feel At Home destinations, for calling, texting and getting online.

Our Pay As You Go Add-ons are valid for 30 days (unless used up earlier) from the date and time they are activated by you – except for Internet Daily which lasts for 24 hours. Your Add-on must be activated within 90 days’ of purchase.

Once an Add-on has been activated, it can’t be cancelled. Once expired, any unused allowance of units will be lost and won’t be rolled over to another Add-on.

If your Add-on includes an allowance of voice units, which convert on use automatically into minutes, these can be used to call standard UK landlines (starting 01, 02 and 03), UK Mobiles (any network) and your Three voicemail, whether you’re in the UK or one of our Feel At Home destinations. If your Add-on voice allowance runs out during a call, the remainder of the call will be charged at our standard rate of 3p per minute.

Your Add-on text unit allowance can’t be used for messages sent abroad from the UK, messages sent and received whilst abroad (unless in a Feel At Home destination), photo and video messages or for messages to a shortcode service e.g. to donate money to a charity.

Three reserves the right to suspend, modify, rename or withdraw Add-ons, without notice, at any time.

Full details of our current Pay As You Go Add-ons can be found in our Three Price Guide, but are summarised below:
All in One: Minutes (3p) and texts (2p) are for UK mobiles and landlines (01, 02, 03). Personal Numbers (070) and calls to numbers beginning 084, 087, 09 and 118 are excluded from bundle. For pricing information go to Three Price Checker or Three Price Guide. All in One 10 Add-on charges of 1p/MB apply for use outside allowance once you’ve used 500MB.

Use your SIM in your 3G smartphone only. Using your phone as a personal hotspot to connect a laptop for internet use is not included.

Text 3000: Add-on lasts for 30 days unless used up earlier. Texts are for UK mobiles. Terms apply see three.co.uk.During the 30-day period you cannot cancel your Text Add-on or buy a new Text Add-on.

300 Three-to-Three minutes: Add-on lasts for 30 days unless used up earlier. For use in UK. Terms apply see three.co.uk. During the 30-day period you cannot cancel your  Voice Add-on or buy a new Voice  Add-on.
500 MB Mobile Internet Pass: Add-on lasts for 30 days unless used up earlier. Internet is not for use as a personal hotspot. Charge of 1p/MB for use in excess of limit. Terms apply see three.co.uk