Terms & Conditions.

Terms & conditions.

Terms & Conditions.

> Home Signal from Three.


Your use of the Home Signal box and service is subject to these terms as well as Three’s Terms of Service (www.three.co.uk/terms).

Please read through these terms and print a copy for yourself to keep in case you need them at any time.

So you know, when we refer to "we", "our" or "us" it means Hutchison 3G UK Limited, trading as “Three”.  When we say "you" or "your", we mean you, our Three customer who has registered their details with us as the main user of the Home Signal.

Does this change my contract for Three’s services?

No.  This does not affect any of the services that we provide to you which are governed by Three’s Terms of Service.

If there is any difference between what is said here and what is said in the Terms of Service, then what is said in the Terms of Service will prevail.

Before You Use the Home Signal

You must provide us with the address at which the Home Signal will be used, as well as your contact details if different.  Your Home Signal has been provided for use in a residential address only and for security and technical reasons must only be used at the specified and agreed address for which it is provided. 

You can register up to thirty two (32) different mobile numbers (including your own number) for use on your Home Signal box.  These should be mobile numbers of people that you will allow to use your Home Signal box in its registered location.  Those mobile numbers must belong to customers of Three who are resident in the UK.

It is important that you register with Three the mobile number of every person and device that you wish to allow to use the Home Signal box, and keep this information up to date and accurate.  Unfortunately, if you do not register these details, individuals will not be able to use your Home Signal box, regardless of whether or not they are a Three customer.

Of the 32 potential registered users, up to a maximum of four (4) of those people can use the Home Signal box at any one time.

You must not give or sell your Home Signal box to anyone.  Please tell us straight away if you think that the Home Signal box has been lost or stolen or if you believe that it is being used in an unauthorised manner.     

The Home Signal box is for use on the Three Network only and must only be used in the United Kingdom.

How does the Home Signal Work?


The Home Signal uses your existing fixed line broadband connection.  If you want more detail on how the Home Signal works, please go to www.three.co.uk/homesignal.   

If you don’t have a fixed broadband connection, Home Signal will not work.  You have to plug the Home Signal box into the mains and your broadband router for it to work.  For the Home Signal box to work properly, your broadband needs a download speed of 1Mbps or higher to make calls or send texts. 

Please check with your fixed broadband provider as to the speeds available in your location.

The Home Signal box will use some of your home broadband data allowance (click here to see how much www.three.co.uk/homesignal).  As with all of your broadband use, you are solely responsible for the cost of using your broadband.  The speed of your broadband connection may be affected if you use the Home Signal to consume large quantities of data on the Three Network.

You can continue to access the internet on your handset or other mobile devices using your Wi-Fi connection, even if you’re using the Home Signal box for calls and texts. Please be aware that if you use the Home Signal box to access the internet or consume data via the Home Signal, you will be using some of your Three data allowance as well as that of your broadband provider.

NOTE: If your broadband connection fails, your Home Signal service will also fail and you may not be able to make calls or send texts.  Your service will also cease to function if there is a power cut or failure. 

Broadband Issues?

If you have any problems or questions about your broadband, you should contact your fixed broadband provider as we cannot provide any technical support or advice with regard to your broadband.

Three cannot guarantee that the Home Signal will be compatible with your broadband modem/router, but this should not be a problem for the vast majority of people as the Home Signal box uses a common Ethernet connection to connect to your modem/router which is a ‘standard’ socket.

It is possible that your broadband provider may install systems or programmes outside of our control to stop Home Signal working and in this event, we suggest you contact your broadband supplier. 

We can of course offer you advice or answer your questions on the Home Signal itself.  Please go to www.three.co.uk/homesignal to see how to contact us about Home Signal and to find out more.


Setting Up the Home Signal box

The Home Signal box is simple to set up.  Please refer to the ‘Getting Started Guide’ supplied with the Home Signal box for full installation guidelines and make sure that you read all instructions, safety and security information before installing the Home Signal box.

It is your responsibility to install the Home Signal box as well as to provide a power supply and fixed line broadband connection.

You must continue to use your existing SIM in your mobile phone.

Who owns what?

Three retain ownership of the Home Signal Box.  You will be required to send it back to Three if you ever decide to leave and terminate your contract with us.  It is really important you do this otherwise you will be charged for the cost of replacement plus any reasonable failed collection charges.

The software in the Home Signal box and all intellectual property rights in that software is owned by the manufacturer and you’re being allowed to use the software on a limited licence from the manufacturer You mustn’t permit your Home Signal to be unlocked via any unauthorised manner.

Using the Home Signal

The Home Signal is provided at our discretion, and is based on a number of factors.  Please contact Three to see if you are eligible.  If you are eligible, then we will provide one (1) Home Signal box per property. 

The Home Signal may only be used for domestic and private use and it must not be used for any commercial or business use.

Your Home Signal box is for use only in accordance with this document and the Home Signal Box may not be used for any illegal or fraudulent purpose or in any way which we believe has harmed or may harm the security or proper functioning of the Three Network. 

If for any reason you are unable to use the Home Signal box, you still have to continue to comply with your Terms of Service, and to pay any charges when they become due.

Three may suspend or disconnect your Home Signal service without notice if you are using the Home Signal in a way that is contrary to these terms and for any of the reasons set out in Three’s Terms of Service (www.three.co.uk/terms).

Emergency Calls and 999

You will not be able to make calls to the emergency services using the Home Signal if it is not supplied with enough power, for example if there is a power cut or failure, or if there is a failure or disruption in the service of your broadband connection.

We or the emergency services may use the details you give us when registering your Home Signal box to identify your location or the location of others calling via the Home Signal box if calls are made to the emergency services. 

This is why you must tell us your contact details and the location of the Home Signal box accurately and inform us straight away if those details change at all.  If the address at which the Home Signal box is going to be used changes, for example if you move home, you must ensure that you notify us of your new address immediately as we will need to register the Home Signal box to your new address.

What is Three’s Liability to you (and how is it limited)?

All of our obligations to you relating to the Home Signal are set out in this document and Three’s Terms of Service.  Those Terms of Service contain details on how we limit our liability to you (www.three.co.uk/terms

We are also not liable for any third party claims, any claims arising out of or relating to your broadband supply or any claims from any other users of the Home Signal box. We are not liable for any loss or damage that was not reasonably foreseeable when you were supplied with your Home Signal box.

Nothing in Three’s Terms of Service or these terms removes or limits our liability for fraud, for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for any liability which can’t be limited or excluded by applicable law.  If you are a consumer, these terms will not affect any of your statutory rights which you have, which cannot be excluded by these terms. 


Three provides a limited warranty to the first end-user of the Home Signal box who received the Home Signal from an authorised seller. Details of this warranty can be seen here [insert link to warranty details].


Other questions


If you have any questions about the Home Signal, please visit www.three.co.uk/homesignal.