200MB free Mobile Broadband SIM | Three.

Get 200MB of free data every month on our new Data Reward plan.

Moving out of Wi-Fi range shouldn't stop you enjoying your tablet. On our new Data Reward plan, we'll give you a cheeky free 200MB data each month to get you going. This is for: Snappy Facebook™ updates, a quick show off on Instagram™, checking emails and browsing the web for giggles.

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Claiming your free 200MB couldn't be easier.

Order your SIM.

Enjoy 200MB free every month - simply buy a 1GB pre-loaded SIM and you're ready to go.

Data Reward SIM
Preloaded with 1GB data.

Which devices can I use my SIM in?

What does 200MB give you?

Web browsing - 200 pages

Social media - 1000 posts

Photos - 2000 Instagram posts or 200 Dropbox full resolution uploads

Music streaming - 44 tracks (Spotify 160kbit/s; 3 mins 45sec tracks)

What happens once you've used up your free 200MB?

You can top-up in any of the following ways: