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This promotional offer has now finished. For more details on how to use the holiday voucher, check the FAQ below.

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Frequently asked questions.

What are easyJet holidays?
How do I get this offer?
Can I use the voucher for an easyJet flight?
How do I book an easyJet holiday?
Are there any restrictions on the holiday vouchers?
Is there a minimum spend for the easyJet holiday?
Can I choose any holiday destination or date?
I’ve not received my easyJet holiday voucher, what do I do?
Can I use this holiday voucher with any other voucher or sale?
I’ve already booked my easyJet holiday. Can I use this voucher?
Is my voucher transferable?
Can I pay a deposit when I initially book?
I’ve lost my easyJet holiday voucher code, what do I do?
What if I have a question about easyJet holidays?
How long do I have to use my easyJet holiday voucher?

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Terms and conditions.

For full terns and conditions, check our easyJet Holidays terms and conditions page

Go Roam: Use your UK allowance to call and text the UK and use data in 71 destinations worldwide on an Advanced Plan or 49 European Destinations on an Essential Plan. Some limits (e.g. fair usage) apply. See for details.

Hands Free: You’ll need a voucher to enjoy easyJet Hands Free. Find out how to get yours at MBB and PAYG not included.

Three reserves the right to modify or withdraw partnership benefits from time to time. See