From budgeting and nailing a bargain, to sorting study time and planning parties, there are loads of apps that can help you smash student life. Here’s our pick of the best apps for students. Best Chrome apps for students Best apps for student time management Best student budgeting apps Best student discounts apps Best student […]

From budgeting and nailing a bargain, to sorting study time and planning parties, there are loads of apps that can help you smash student life. Here’s our pick of the best apps for students.

Best Chrome apps for students
Best apps for student time management
Best student budgeting apps
Best student discounts apps
Best student apps for holiday destinations
Best apps for student jobs


Best Chrome apps for students

Loads of us use Google Chrome to browse the internet, but there’s a lot more to get your teeth into. Chrome extensions are a great addition to your laptop or desktop and many of them work on Android or iOS too. They’re usually free to download from the Chrome Web Store and you just need a Google account to get started. Here are 3 of the best Chrome extensions for students:

Quizlet (iOS / Android / Chrome Web Store)
This study tool is used by loads of students and has over 50 million study guides. There are 6 modes, depending on the style of study you prefer: flashcards, scatter, speller, learn, test, and space race. Your tutors and classmates are also able to create and share their own study guides with you. According to the app creators, over 90% of students who use Quizlet have reported receiving higher marks. Sold.

Grammarly Keyboard (iOS / Android / Chrome Web Store)
This extension is all about helping you write more effectively, without feedback being a big hassle. You don’t have to copy and paste your work into a website to get results, because it runs in the background. From writing a paper in Google Docs, to composing an email, Grammarly will give you instant feedback as you go. And Grammarly Keyboard is available on your phone too.

Memorize! (Chrome Web Store)
This no-frills extension is a lifesaver when you’re cramming for exams but struggling to retain the info. And it can make your time online sooooo much more productive (make sure you tell your mum). Just enter your questions and the interval between them, then hit start. Whenever you’re online and getting distracted, you’ll automatically get quizzed on the topics you’ve set. Perfect if you’re preparing for a test or learning a new language but can’t tear yourself away from Twitter.

Best student budgeting apps

Whether you’re still at home, or living on campus, out goings are usually way bigger than anything you earn as a student. And being skint sucks. These 4 budgeting apps are a must if you want to get on top of your finances:

Squirrel (iOS / Android)
As the name suggests, this app is as much about banking and saving as it is budgeting. So, all your money ins and outs are dealt with in one app. If your budget is tight, then this is the app for you. It separates the money you have for bills, savings (yep, they’re a real thing) and spending so you can see exactly what you’ve got left each month. Squirrel can even deliver your money to you in weekly or monthly instalments to help you restrict your spending.

mySupermarket (iOS / Android)
No-one wants to live on beans on toast, so use this app to compare the cost of a regular shop across major supermarkets. Then shop at the one that offers you the best price. You can also use the app to scan barcodes when you’re shopping on the fly – just in case that 4-pack is cheaper up the road.

Wally (iOS / Android)
If you seem to be getting through a lot of money, but you don’t have a great deal to show for it, then you need an accountability buddy. That’s where Wally comes in. It acts as a virtual spending diary where you track everything you spend. You can save images of receipts and keep a closer eye on everything that’s going out, to help you cut out unnecessary splurges.

Splitwise (iOS / Android)
No more uncomfortable conversations about who needs to chip in for the food shop. Splitwise makes it easy to split bills with housemates and can save embarrassment when you’re out for a meal or on a big night out. Keep track of shared expenses and who owes who; set up an expenses tab when you’re on the go; and even settle up with people and record payments. IOUs will never be a problem again

Best apps for student time management

You’ve got an essay deadline looming. You want to catch the gig. But you must phone mum before she thinks you’ve been finished off by Freshers’ Week. Managing your time can be tricky, but there are loads of apps designed to increase productivity. Check out these 3 time-management apps and start ticking off the to-do list.

StayFocusd (Chrome Web Store)
StayFocusd might sound like the ultimate yawn-fest, but when the deadline is yesterday, this could save your butt. This Google Chrome extension restricts the amount of time you can spend on ‘time-wasting’ websites. So, it’s a total winner if you’re hooked on social media, but you need to get stuff done. The time limit you set for each site is completely up to you – once you reach the allotted time, that’s it for the day. Gulp!
There are loads of these productivity apps around, because digital distractions are a real issue. We think StayFocusd, and apps like it, are better than blocking software, because we all need a little online downtime.

Trello (iOS / Android)
This online pinboard/to-do list helps you organise any projects you’re working on. You can organise stuff by ‘to-do’, ‘doing’ and ‘completed’ – so you know exactly where you are. And it’s great for group assignments. You can also share boards with your mates to organise the house party of the year – and it works on Apple Watch or Android Wear as well as your phone. (iOS)
This is the perfect app for goal-setters and go-getters because it’s about being accountable and having a virtual network of supporters who’ve got your back. You join a community of people who are all working to achieve individual goals and the aim is to help you form good habits and become more productive. You also earn ‘props’ (similar to Facebook ‘likes’) when you reach your goals and achieve stuff – which can be invaluable when you’re overwhelmed by that to-do list.

Best student discounts apps

Everyone loves a bargain and there are plenty out there. These 5 apps will send the deals direct to you, so you can save on the stuff you need most:

Pouch (Chrome Web Store)
This is a browser extension, rather than an app, but it deserves a place in your student-saving armoury. Simply download the Pouch plugin, and you’ll see all the valid discount codes for any website you browse. It works for over 3,000 of the most popular retailers in the UK, including Dominos, Topshop, ASOS and Argos. So, no more scrolling through voucher code sites and googling offers before you buy.

Student Beans (iOS / Android)
When it comes to saving money on all the stuff you love, this app is a must. The hottest deals are all in one place, so you can filter by genre: travel, health and beauty, fashion, food and drink, study and stationery, gifts and gadgets (there are loads more) and see what’s on offer right now.

Shopmium (iOS / Android)
It’s not all about food, but it’s right up there on our list of priorities. That’s why we love the cashback app, Shopmium. It basically pays you to pay a bit more attention when you go food shopping. Just download the app and then browse the selection of supermarket offers. Pick the ones you want and buy them, then take a picture of the receipt and the item and load them onto the app. The cashback will go into your account within a few days. Kerching!

Too Good To Go (iOS / Android)
The self-professed ‘Waste Warriors’ are on a serious mission to make the world a better place, starting with grub. Pick your location and you’ll find restaurants and retailers who have surplus food to offer. Order a ‘magic bag’ of surplus food at a discount and then collect it from the store during a pre-set collection window. Download this one and you’ll be helping save the planet while you save money. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

wuntu (iOS / Android)
OK, so we might be a little biased, but if you’re on Three you need to make the most of our rewards app, wuntu. It’s student heaven, with deals on experiences to make uni life even more awesome. How about VIP access and 20% off tickets for the most unique and intimate music gigs around? Sofar Sounds has launched the careers of some big acts and you’ll be able to discover new artists in cool surroundings. On top of that, wuntu will hook you up with a discounted gym membership from Hussle – the UK’s most flexible gym network that lets you work out wherever is convenient for you. All this, along with one-off deals, themed events, and travel offers. You can’t lose.

Update: Sadly, we’ve decided to close the wuntu app. We’re working on creating an even better customer rewards experience. Stay tuned.

Best student apps for holiday destinations

Whether you’re taking a well-earned break or studying overseas, there are apps that can ease you into new cultures at the tap of a finger. Learning a new language? Trying to find a cheap flight? Check out our pick of the best student apps for going abroad. And don’t forget, with Go Roam on Three you can use your data to download apps and get stuck into them when you’re abroad without paying a penny more.

TripLingo (iOS / Android)
No matter what the reason for your travels, this app is a must when it comes to experiencing somewhere new. The phrasebook feature gives you common phrases for everything. So, if you’re ordering the local cuisine, chatting with the locals, looking for the loo, you’ll never be lost for words.

TripLingo also has a detailed culture guide, covering things like history, political climate, and traditions. And there are loads of tools like a currency converter, Wi-Fi dialler, voice and conversation translator and image translator. It also gives you safety information, such as emergency services details and translations for medical issues. Sorted.

Citymapper (iOS / Android)
There are always challenges when you’re negotiating your way around a new city in a new country, but this free app gives you public transport options, map details for walking, cycling, and driving, plus you get subway maps and cycle routes. You can save these offline too, so if you’re charged for using data abroad (why aren’t you on Three?) you don’t have to worry. When you’re walking or cycling you can see how many calories you’ve burned, how many trees you’ve protected and how much money you’ve saved by walking. If you love exploring the local area, then this is a great travel companion. (iOS / Android)
When it comes to finding cheap flights, this app will come up trumps. It’s different from other flight-finding apps, because it looks at the very cheapest option – even if that means putting you on two flights. It doesn’t always give you the most convenient route, but if time is on your side and money isn’t, it’s a no-brainer. Another brilliant feature is that they cover you for flight delays cancellations and schedule changes, which is a massive comfort, especially when you’re booking more than one flight for your trip.

Best apps for student jobs

Whether you want to earn some money on the side, or you’re planning your first career move, these apps are just what you need. From networking and building a profile, to getting work experience and speaking to industry experts, get these 3 apps and stay one step ahead:

Snag (iOS / Android)
Snag is an easy job finder and career builder app. You can search for part-time jobs or full-time entry level positions, and you’ll be able to find work with flexible hours – perfect for during term time. It’s quick and easy to apply for roles, and you get great career advice too. There are personality quizzes to help get you matched with the right job and the right company, and you can impress employees with a profile video.

Switch (Android)
If you’re used to showing your likes and dislikes with a swipe, then you’ll love Switch. While browsing job postings, you can swipe right if interested and left if not. While you’re doing that, hiring managers are swiping left and right on potential candidates. So, if you show interest in a position and the employee does the same with your profile, then you can directly chat with the hiring manager using the app’s messaging feature.

LinkedIn (iOS / Android)
It’s never too early to start networking and LinkedIn can connect you with professionals in whichever field you want to go into. You can create an awesome profile to act as your CV and get notifications when suitable jobs come up.

LinkedIn is perfect for students, because you can use the Alumni tool to help you choose which uni to attend or what to study, by looking at what other professionals have done before. You can also find out which companies have hired graduates specific to your university or your field of study, and then get in touch. This one is a must if you want to stay ahead of the competition.


OK, so there are loads of apps that cater for students. And picking the right ones could really help you make the most of student life. Manage your finances and your time, plan well-earned breaks, plot your career path, and enjoy every minute. Oh, and if you want to make the most of all these apps, get truly Unlimited Data on Three, and up to 20% off phone, SIM and Broadband plans with our student discounts.