Why your teen will love the new iPhone SE

April 24, 2020

Ah, teens. Throw them a skipping rope and they’ll laugh in your face. Chuck ‘em a book and they’ll say “we’ve got apps for that.” Okay granted, not all of them will throw a strop over a venti mocha-frap with missing sprinkles (the cheek), but it’s universally known that they love an iPhone.

It’ll bring a smile to your face, then, to know there’s a new guy in town. The new iPhone SE 2020. And guess what? It’s more affordable than you think. All the advanced features of iOS, without paying the earth.

So why not grab a regular, frill-free coffee and take a look at what it can offer, well, you and your teen.

Teen-worthy iPhone SE features

The A13 Bionic

The wha’? It’s the fastest chip in a smartphone ever, meaning it gives a show-stopping performance on the things that are their bread and butter.

Apps, running smoother and quicker. Games, high-res and quick to respond.

Taking studio-quality selfies with its six pro-lighting effects, and making looping dancing vids (you know the app) with cinematic-quality 4K will bring on bragging rights. With 4K giving four times the detail of HD, they can use and grow their digital skills, too. They’ll love it.

There’s also the speed and security of TouchID, meaning everything is kept safe.

And don’t worry, for the clumsy ones, the iPhone SE is water resistant up to one metre, for 30 mins. So you can save them from themselves (again), in the nick of time.

Our Airpods bundle

They’re always listening to something. So why not help them out with a pair of Airpods. We offer them as a Bundle with the iPhone SE. You can get the iPhone SE with Airpods, from just £6 extra per month.

But aren’t iPhones expensive?

You’re probably thinking that an iPhone costs too much. In the nicest possible way, you’re wrong.

The iPhone SE is the most affordable iPhone out there. Check out our exclusive customer offers.

Worried about their spend? Get it on Pay As You Go. You’re still quids in compared to other iPhones.

We also offer free next day delivery, so there’s no waiting around. It also means you can have a play around with it before they get their mitts on it.

All in all, the iPhone SE is the ideal latest smartphone for your teen. Or you. Or, anyone for that matter.

Trust us, the only budget thing is the price.

Looking for the 2022 model? Why not take a look at the 3rd generation iPhone SE now available on Three.