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Live life in 5G

Streaming the big game in real time. Super-smooth video calling across time zones. Working on the go with no lagging. Letting your kids, not your internet speed, beat you at gaming.

With our super-fast 5G, it’s easier than ever to enjoy the little connections that make life richer.

At Three, we’ve dedicated 140MHz of spectrum to delivering our 5G service. That’s 50MHz more than any other UK network operator.

Discover 5G with us.

The UK's Fastest 5G Network

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Full stream ahead

We’re rolling out our 5G across the UK.

It’s available in selected areas now, so take a look at our coverage checker to see if you’re in a 5G zone.

Live life online in real time.

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5G locations in the UK

Explore with 5G mobile

Our 5G mobile network is here and it’s ready to take you wherever life goes. So, it’s time to get yourself a 5G phone.

All our SIMs get access to our 5G network at no extra cost.

Pay Monthly. SIM Only. Pay As You Go. However you do it, be 5G ready. So, check out your coverage, and get ready for speedy, smooth 5G on the move.

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Broadband without the waiting

5G Home Broadband with Unlimited data is for serious screen lovers. Check your 5G coverage and enjoy faster speeds for heavier streaming, and lower lag for near pro-gaming.

There's no landline, no engineer, no waiting around. Our Home Broadband uses fixed wireless access technology. It's plug and play.

5G Home Broadband plans

5G for business

Wherever they work from, get your team 5G ready.

Whether you’re downloading big files on the go, videocalling, or streaming, stay connected on the busiest of days.

All our business SIMs are 5G enabled, at no extra cost.

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Going 5G on Three

Make sure you’re 5G Ready with a compatible device.


All our SIMS are 5G Ready

All our SIMs get access to our 5G network as it rolls out – at no extra cost.
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Quick and easy setup on 5G Home Broadband.
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The latest 5G news


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It’s the fifth generation of mobile network and it promises to deliver a massive leap forward in both speed and quality.

If downloading a 4K movie in seconds sounds good, 5G’s for you.

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Is 5G safe?

Whatever you’ve seen, heard or worried about, we can assure you that 5G is safe.

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5G gaming – welcome to the revolution

Get to know the past, present and the future of gaming. And see what happened when we teamed up with one of the biggest franchises in gaming history for the ultimate 5G online entertainment experience.

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Fashion fuelled by 5G

A super model watching her digital-self walk the runway from the FROW? Only with 5G. This year we took Central Saint Martins’ fashion show into the stratosphere with our 5G experience.

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Price includes £5 monthly discount for paying by a recurring method, such as direct debit. Each April, your Monthly Charge will increase by 4.5%.

5G subject to coverage and requires a compatible device. Speeds may vary due to a number of factors such as your location, building structure and external environment.