My3 top-up.

The fastest way to top-up is through your My3 account, which allows you to register a credit/debit card for quick future top-ups. To do this you’ll need to log in to My3 below or register if you don’t have an account.

  • To register a credit/debit card and top-up, select Top-up your account from the My3 homepage, then select the Credit/debit card tab and Register this card for future use on the payment screen. You can also register a card by going to the Manage cards section of My3 and selecting Add card.*
  • To make a one-off card payment, simply fill in your payment details or select the One-off payment option.
  • To top-up by voucher, select Top-up your account from the My3 homepage, then select the Voucher tab and follow the instructions to top-up.
  • You can top-up a friend’s account by logging into your My3 account and selecting Top up another account in the Top-up section.

*Please note: If you register a card using the Manage cards section of My3 from your computer, we'll automatically take a £10 payment from your card and add it to your account balance as credit.

Log in to My3.

Register for My3.

Web top-up.

You can also top-up on the web without registering a card or logging into My3, you’ll just need to re-enter your details each time you top-up.

Follow the link below, enter the number you’d like to top-up, select Credit/debit card or Voucher, then follow the on-screen instructions to top-up.

Web top-up.

Cash machine.

You can top-up at any Barclays or HSBC cash machine if you have a card from one of these banks:

  • Barclays
  • HSBC
  • Nationwide
  • The Coventry
  • Yorkshire
  • Clydesdale

When you’re at the cash machine, you just need to enter your phone number and select the amount you want to top-up with. Your Pay As You Go account will be topped up using the money from your bank account.


You can top-up by a voucher between £10-£50 from any Three store, or from any shop in the UK where you see the green Top-up logo.

You can redeem the voucher by either:

  • Logging into My3 below, clicking on Top-up your account from the homepage, then Top-up by voucher and following the on-screen instructions to top-up.
  • Using our Web top-up option below, by entering the number you’d like to top-up, selecting Voucher, then following the on-screen instructions.
  • Calling 444 from your Three phone, selecting Top-up by voucher and entering the 16-digit number printed across the receipt.

Log in to My3.

Web top-up.

Converting your credit into an Add-on.

If you're topping up your phone, you can convert your credit into an Add-on after topping up, for better value on calls, texts and data.

If you're topping up your tablet, Mobile Wi-Fi or dongle, you'll be prompted to buy an Add-on straight away.

More about Add-ons.

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