Best iOS apps for New Year’s Goals/Resolutions

January 26, 2023

Taking a picture of fireworks with phone

If you’ve set any goals for the new year, you might find motivation slipping by the end of January. For iPhone users, App Store houses plenty of apps to boost your productivity and keep you on top of your goals, whether they’re related to fitness, finance, or mental health. 

Best apps for productivity and organisation


As the name suggests, Todoist is a simple productivity app, neatly organising your tasks into a checklist format. You can even create subtasks and set repeat reminders to help with forming daily habits. 


Evernote is the longstanding leader of organisational apps. Used for planning projects, brainstorming ideas and to-do lists, Evernote allows you to organise and prioritise in detail. You can even add media to your lists, so all your resources are in one place. 


Habitica is the app that aims to make organisation fun by turning your life into a role-playing game. Habitica uses retro RPG elements to gamify your goals and tasks, turning your day-to-day into a story. The app can be used for work, fitness, and self-development goals. 

Best apps for finance and budgeting

Indeed Flex

Instead of budgeting, your financial goal might be to take on additional work or increase your monthly income. Indeed Flex can you help you find the right temporary or part-time work for you that fits around your lifestyle. 


The Mint app links all your banking accounts, investments, and bills, so you can keep an eye on cashflow in one place. The app uses 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication to keep your information secure. 


Using the envelope budgeting method in the modern age, the Goodbudget app helps you maintain a set monthly spend for all your various outgoings. Plus, you can sync accounts with family members, partners or housemates to manage joint spending. 

Best apps for fitness training and exercise

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app offers 200+ workouts and targeted programmes, including trainer-led sessions. You can find a variety of free sessions designed for all skills levels, without needing equipment. 

Gymshark Training

Discover a workout library for serious strength trainers, 100% free with no additional charges. The app can be useful for home workouts or gym sessions, offering trainer and influencer-led sessions. 

Alo Moves

Get the first two weeks free on the best app for yoga, pilates and barre workouts at home. Follow along with professional yoga instructors and discover new wellbeing practices like the yoga nidra sleep technique. 

Best apps for mental wellbeing

Gratitude Garden

Get into the habit of positive thinking by building your own gratitude garden. Note down one thing you’re grateful for each day and watch your garden flourish as a reward. 


The number one app for relaxation and meditation, Calm aims to relieve stress and promote a restful sleep. Choose a sound that’s right for you, with guided meditations between 3 and 25 minutes long. 


The Happify app uses science-based activities to help challenge negative thoughts, stress and anxiety. Using proven techniques designed by experts, you can reinforce a positive mindset through self-guided mindfulness, CBT and more.

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