Clearway Environmental – a case study

September 24th, 2021

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“The coverage is 99.9% always great. Coverage is the key thing, and the reason we work with Three Business.”

As the leading UK provider of CCTV for vacant properties, Clearway’s reputation is built on security and reliability. To connect their CCTV to customers, Clearway needed a vast and reliable network, and affordable, unlimited data. Technical Manager Tony Gibbons tells us why they chose Three Business.

The importance of reliability.

The CCTV cameras provided by Clearway contain SIM cards, and these transmit footage of vacant properties to customers’ phones. Clearway customers expect a connection to their property 24 hours a day. The CCTV is relied on by some of the UK’s largest housing associations, property managers, and hotel groups.

“During the pandemic, we were able to operate and function when working from home, and continue to turn over a profit. The core products were still fully functioning thanks to Three’s network.”

Why Three Business?

“We trialled Three alongside a few other networks. The network coverage was far greater than any other network could provide. We needed a static IP provider, but also someone cost effective. Some static IP providers use their own APN, which can make them very expensive in the market. Three uses public static IP on an APN platform built by Three themselves, so have full control over it. And we can provide a reliable, cost-effective, competitive service.”

Unlimited data, happy customers.

 “Unlimited SIMs are so much better for customers. They provide a better service and are more cost effective. The customer isn’t limited to how long they can use their device for, or charged if they leave it logged on. Previously we had to put a threshold on how much the customer could use the product each day, so as to allow enough usage for 30 days. We were only using 15GB data SIMs. But unlimited data gives the customer reassurance that they’re not going to burn out their data. They know they have a reliable, cost-effective solution to secure their property.”

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