London Underground goes 4G with Three & EE

December 23, 2021

4G London Underground Three and EE 5

We’ve got amazing news for all you London Underground commuters: we’ve teamed up with EE to provide high-speed mobile coverage across the whole Tube network.

Access all areas

Ticket halls, platforms and tunnels across the Tube – including the brand-new Elizabeth line – are all getting 4G coverage from 2022. So, ‘going dark’ while you travel will soon be a thing of the past.

The technical stuff

We’ve joined forces with EE and the BAI Communications (BAI) network to provide 4G and 5G-ready mobile connectivity across the London Underground for the next 20 years. All other mobile operators will be able to access the London Underground WiFi, as well as BAI’s network, which the Emergency Services Network can also access. Plus, the whole thing will also be 5G-ready, so we can keep upgrading as we go.

Why is Wi-Fi on the London Underground important?

You know the drill on the Underground. Work overlaps with travel. You’ve got an hour-long journey with only the Piccadilly Line map to keep you occupied. You’re running late, and you need to know the quickest route to your meeting. Whatever the reason, being connected on the Tube helps us all to keep in touch, stay safe, and hold off the boredom.

The mayor’s on board

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan himself, is thrilled with the news. He’s said it will “make a huge difference to passengers,” and that we’re “helping to stimulate our city’s economy” by investing in London’s connectivity and digital infrastructure. Plus, the leaders of BT, Three, BAI and TfL all agree that this is a huge step in keeping Londoners connected, and making sure that London remains a top destination for tourists and businesses. Three’s CEO, Robert Finnegan, has said he’s “delighted to be bringing even more connectivity to our customers in London.”

London Underground Wi-Fi: The key info

  • During 2022, just under 50 stations on the London Underground will be able to access our new joint network.
  • TfL and BAI are confident that all stations and tunnels will have uninterrupted mobile coverage by the end of 2024.
  • 20% of stations will have both 4G and 5G coverage, with further 5G rollouts over the next 2 years.

Together, Three and EE are leading London’s transformation into a truly smart city.

Find out more about how to connect to the London Underground Wi-Fi, with Three.