Unipart Logistics – a case study

October 12th, 2021

Two labourers using technology on-site

“Three Business allows us to be agile and responsive. We need to flex up and down in terms of connections. We get a strong signal on site, and the pricing is right for us.”

Unipart Logistics is a multinational supply chain logistics and consultancy company with clients including Jaguar Land Rover, Sky, and Waterstones. And they have over 400 SIM connections with Three. Nicola Couse, Technology Sector Director tells us why they’ve stuck with us over the years.

A business reliant on connectivity.

Unipart uses the Three network in 2 different ways. They rely on it to connect their employees to their teams, and to the business. And alongside this, Three SIMs are used to test devices as part of a returns process managed by Unipart.

 “25% of our 400 connections are used in the traditional sense. 75% form part of a returns process. Devices get returned without a SIM, and in order to process them, update software and carry out testing, they need to be connected from a voice and data perspective. We use 5G SIMs to test 5G devices, and check the signal. We need a dependable connection to carry out this core process.”

Staying connected whenever, around the clock.

“With people working remotely, the ability for them to stay connected individually and as teams has been really important. The strong signal on site has allowed people to stay in touch. Both these factors helped get the business through Covid. And as volume grows again, the network demand will grow. Thankfully, whenever we need to order something, it gets to us on time. Great speed of delivery.”  


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