Get fancy with your phone 

January 21, 2021
Reading time: 2 minutes


2020 was a heck of a year and your phone was by your side through it all. But is it time to retire ol’ faithful and treat yourself to a shiny new one?

We’ve even got some amazing bundles, so you can get more for your money. Here are some of our favourites and why we love them so much.

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G with Galaxy Watch3

The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is an absolute powerhouse. With a 6.2in, 120Hz screen, you get the best clarity. And with the ultimate camera, you get pro-level pics and videos that will wow even the fussiest of Instagram aficionados.

But it doesn’t stop there – with our awesome bundle you can pick up the Galaxy Watch3 as the perfect accompaniment. Stream the latest Spotify tunes while you’re on a run, or call your friends to catch up, all with your watch. Check it out and see our prices for the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G bundle.

Apple iPhone 12 with AirPods

The latest in the astounding Apple line, the iPhone 12 is here. Available in 5 different colours and powered with the A14 Bionic chip, it’s sure to impress. Plus, pair it with AirPods in our bundle and you’ve got a musical adventure awaiting you. Streaming the latest Taylor Swift album? Or jamming to some hardcore death metal? AirPods work seamlessly with iPhone 12 to give you the best experience. Check out our iPhone 12 bundle.

But wait, there’s more

Maybe you’re not ready to part with your phone yet. We get it – you might not be ready for an upgrade. Instead, why not give your old phone a new lease of life with a strong screen protector or a new phone case? Or, even better, bag a new speaker so you can blast your tunes loud and dance ’round the kitchen? We’ve got you covered and have included some of our top picks below.

What’s more, there’s 15% off accessories ‘til 19 February. To see the full range, head to

JBL Go 2 waterproof speaker

This is the perfect portable speaker. Keep it by the bath without any fears and enjoy up to 5 hours playtime of your fave tunes. You can connect via Bluetooth or with the aux cable provided. It even doubles as an office essential, with a crystal-clear speakerphone that lets you take those all-important Zoom calls from anywhere.

Speck AirPods case

Speck’s AirPod cases are a great solution for protecting your earphones. Keep them close without the worry of losing them, with a stylish one-piece, protective case. The secure latch means your earphones won’t run away from you. And the slim design is easy to use and carry around. You can even still charge your AirPods, both wirelessly or with a cable, while they’re safely tucked away. Plus, keep your AirPods close to hand with the handy carabiner clip.