Gogglebox - Meet the cast 

February 16, 2024

Thank God it's Friday – Gogglebox is back.

Before catching the new series, here's your chance to learn more about the cast and how they use their phones while watching telly.

Ellie and Izzi – @ellieandizzi

Ellie and Izzy - Gogglebox

Leeds-based sisters Ellie and Izzi joined the show back in 2015 and are now firm favourites. They’re best known for being foodies and for their adorable dogs: Mick, Madge, Morris, and Fudge.

When they're not watching telly, Ellie’s a hairdresser and Izzi's a financial advisor. Izzi is mum to Bobby and Bessie Rose, and Ellie welcomed baby Ezra last year.

When it comes to how she uses her phone, Izzi admits that she often relies on 'Screen Saviour Mode' – scrolling on her phone to ignore people she'd rather not speak to. No regrets Izzi. We've all done it.

The Malones – @themalonesGB

The Malones - Gogglebox

The Malone family – Tom Snr, Julie, and Shaun – are based in Manchester. They’ve been part of the show since 2014 and are known for their hilarious one-liners and impressive Friday night snack selections.

And, they’re joined by their massive-yet-cute rottweilers Bob and Tilly, who often steal the show.

Dad Tom Snr is a proud 'Monologger' – using his phone to send one-word voice memo replies to his son.

"You alright Dad?"
Job done.

Jenny and Lee – @leegogglebox

Jenny and Lee - Gogglebox

Best friends Jenny and Lee have been gracing our tellies for over 9 years. They met over 21 years ago in the pub Jenny used to run and have been pals ever since.

They have the biggest social media following of all the Gogglebox cast. That's not surprising. From Jenny's face packs to Lee's raised eyebrow, they're one of the funniest duos on the show.

Once, Lee's phone broke so he could only use it on loudspeaker. "I remember that," says Jenny. "You used to always say, 'I'm with Jenny' to make sure they didn't say anything rude about me!"

Pete and Sophie – @PeteandSophie

Pete & Sophie Gogglebox

Siblings Pete and Sophie hail from Blackpool, and their banter is as legendary as Sophie’s mug selection. When they're not on our tellies, Pete runs his own building business and Sophie runs her own floristry business.

Pete and his wife Paige have two children. 

When it comes to how he uses his phone, Pete admits that he's often fallen foul of WhoopsApping – sending a message to the wrong group chat.

"It's all about speed of deletion," Pete says. "Don't accidentally delete just for yourself, because then you can't go back and delete it for everyone!"

Don't pretend you didn't read that in Pete's accent.

The Siddiquis – @thesiddiquis

The Siddiquis

The Derby-based Siddiquis are OGs and have been on Gogglebox since the very first episode. Father, Sid, and sons, Baasit, Umar, and Raza, love a good TV drama and get stuck into the news.

Sid and Umar work for the NHS, Baasit runs his own education company, and Raza is an operations manager in the hospitality industry. Keep an eye out for Sid’s gorgeous cats Rocky and Tashi.

When showing people photos on his phone, Baasit admits to having 'Swipe-xiety' – the fear of people swiping through your photos without permission.

"I employ the rule of 17," he says. "If I ever show anyone a photo on my phone, I have to make sure there are at least 17 safe pictures behind it in case they start scrolling!"

Fridays mean Gogglebox

We can't wait to catch the new series of Gogglebox. In the meantime, what sort of mobile phoneisms have you picked up? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram, and checkout the results of our survey into mobile behaviours.

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