Unlimited data upgrades for disadvantaged kids 

January 8 2021


Another lockdown brings more challenges. For parents and carers, it’s another period of online home schooling. To help, we’re offering free Unlimited data upgrades to disadvantaged children in England, so they can study at home. We’ve partnered with the Department of Education’s Get Help with Technology programme. Joining this programme means schools can request free additional data for children without internet access at home. The Unlimited data can be used until the end of the school year in July.

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Elaine Carey said that: “Education is crucial for everyone in society and it’s vital no child misses out. Three UK wants to support those families that need access to connectivity to support their child’s learning needs during the pandemic.”

How to get Unlimited data access

Your child’s school or local authority can apply for this using this form – Increasing data allowance on mobile devices to support disadvantaged children. The only things they need are the account holder name, number of the mobile device and the mobile network (for example, Three). Once we’ve processed the form, we’ll send a text message to the account holder. You can also check the status of the request online.

If you’re in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, look out for separate schemes.

And if this isn’t available for your family but you need better connectivity at home, we’ve got a special offer with our 4G+ MiFi 1 month rolling plan. It comes with Unlimited data and is £25 a month with no upfront cost. You don’t need a landline and can connect up to 10 devices.

Get your 4G+ MiFi 1 month plan now.

Other ways we’re helping in the pandemic

We’re also providing zero rating calls to NHS 101, NHS websites and video consultations. Plus, we’ve got free Unlimited data upgraded for NHS frontline staff. Read more on how we’re making sure everyone stays connected.