Introducing Huawei Mobile Services

September 23, 2020


When you get a new phone, you generally fall into 1 of 2 categories. Those who have everything perfectly curated on their old phone and want to move it to their new one without any faff.

And those who are happy to set up their new phone from scratch.

Whichever group you fall into, Huawei makes it easy with Huawei Phone Clone, Huawei AppGallery, and Petal Search. Here’s everything you need to know about setting up your new phone.

Huawei Phone Clone

This is the easiest way to move everything from your old iOS or Android phone to your new Huawei phone. And we mean everything – apps, contacts, photos, and more.

How to use Huawei Phone Clone

First, download Huawei Phone Clone on both your old and new phones – it’s available on App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei AppGallery. Then open the app on both devices and follow these steps:

1: When setting up your new phone, tap the “Move data from another device” option.

2: Open Phone Clone on your old phone.

3: Select “This is the old phone”.

4: Scan the QR code using your old phone.

5: Transfer your apps and data to your new phone.

Huawei AppGallery

This is where you can find and download your favourite apps, from Amazon to WhatsApp. It’s the fastest growing app store in the UK with over 4 million different apps available. And it has over 420 million active users worldwide.

It’s easy to use, just search for your favourite apps using the search bar, or browse the newest, most popular apps. Then, once you’ve found the app you want, tap Install. Easy.

Can’t find the app you want? That’s what Petal Search is for.

Petal Search – Find Apps

The new way to search for your favourite apps. Type in the name of the app you’d like in the Find apps search bar on your home screen. Petal Search will show you the best place to download or install it from. That could be the Huawei AppGallery, an official link, 3rd party store, or the web version of the app.

It’s that simple.

How do I get Petal Search?

It’ll be pre-installed on future devices in the P40 series, such as the Huawei P40 Pro, but you can also download it from Huawei AppGallery.

You can also watch how to do this in the video below: