Meet the new Google Pixel 6

October 20, 2021

google pixel 6 different colourways

The past few months have been packed with new phone releases. And hot on their heels is the Google Pixel 6, launching October 2021.

What we love about the Google Pixel 6

Part portable computer, part photography toolkit, the Pixel 6 was built to be your new best pal. Google has seamlessly combined both excellent hardware and software into one stylish handset that’s not only good looking, but oh so packed with amazing features. There’s so much to love, but if we had to break it down into the top features, it has to be the exceptional photo editing tools, next level security protection, and the super slick new Google-owned processing Tensor chip that lets you enjoy gaming, streaming and more with effortless speed.

Google Pixel 6 vs. Google Pixel 5

Remember everything you loved about the Google Pixel 5? Well, Google took those things and ramped them up in the new Pixel 6. Searching your most awkward questions on a smartphone has gotten even better with the Google Pixel 6. Here’s a roundup of the main differences and comparisons between the Pixel 5 and Pixel 6.


One of the biggest upgrades Google made between the Pixel 5 and 6 are the epic camera features. On top of your 50MP wide lens and 12MP ultrawide lens rear camera for selfie lovers and pro-photographers alike. You also get Google’s Magic Eraser, a feature that allows you to remove photobombers, unwanted objects and everything – or everyone – in between with a quick tap. Everyone’s favourite Night Sight feature remains on the Pixel 6, plus you can make portraits super professional with new Face Unblur, bringing new clarity and crispness to your photos. The Pixel 6 camera uses bigger sensors to capture more colour, more detail and 150% more light than the Pixel 5. Our most favourite new photography feature? The fact that the new spec allows you to take beautiful photos of all people, highlighting the nuances in a huge range of skin tones with true to life authenticity.

Design & Style

The Pixel 6 is hitting shelves in an array of splashy colours like Stormy Black, Kinda Coral and Sorta Seafoam, whereas the Pixel 5 favoured more muted tones with Sorta Sage and Just Black. You can look forward to a sleek smartphone that prioritises a 6.4-inch screen for optimal scrolling, browsing, and streaming, compared to the 6-inch Pixel 5 screen. Another new and interesting feature is the raised rear camera bump, that adds stability when you’re using your phone on a flat surface.


The Google Pixel 6 features a new Tensor Chip custom-built by Google, resulting in 80% faster performance that the already speedy Pixel 5. That little chip is smart and advanced, giving you heaps of cool new tech like translating messages and videos in other languages without an internet connection, or intelligent power saving once it learns which apps you use the most. Another great feature that we haven’t seen in the Pixel 5 is the extra layer of protection that Google Tensor offers, working with the next-gen Titan M2TM security chip, so you can be confident that your data is safe.

Is the Google Pixel 6 right for you?

With so many smartphones out there, you’re probably wondering if the Pixel 6 is right for you? With all the new updates and features we can confidently say this is a Pixel that spans generations and lifestyles. Photographers and content creators this one is for you. Create, edit, and upload in real time all from the Pixel 6 whenever, wherever. With its ability to snap rich action shots in Motion Mode and add depth with Face Unblur the Pixel 6 is the missing link in your current content creator arsenal. Feel safer doing business on a smartphone with the Pixel 6. Guaranteed 5 years of security updates and super-fast 5G so you can stay connected with colleagues. Enjoy cutting-edge technology like built-in AI and OS updates makes the Pixel 6 a smartphone that can support all of your business needs. And if you simply need a phone that does the basics like talk, text and video-chat, the Pixel 6 does it all. Super-fast.

Where to buy your Pixel 6

Get a smartphone that does both. And by both we mean business and fun. Jam-packed with advanced tech, security features, an epic camera and 24-hour battery the Pixel 6 is here for all your needs. Buy or upgrade to the Google Pixel 6 with Three today and check out all things related to Google Pixel phones.

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