The new Google phone is here

 October 9, 2020


It’s time. Google has joined the 5G revolution with their latest smartphone – the super slick Google Pixel 5.

Bursting with new features, the new Google Phone takes everything that was great about the Google Pixel 4a and takes it up a notch. That means more pro features for the camera, extra capacity for the battery, plus the performance-boosting, download-dazzling, super-streaming potential of 5G.

And this is one of toughest phones you can buy. It’s got some of the best security software out there. Plus it’s got a metal back and it’s water resistant – Pixel 5 can stand up to a few drops and knocks.

Let’s dive in and see what makes Google Pixel 5 the best Pixel phone to date.

Design and display

Pixel 5 is a 6 inch handset, just 8mm thick and weighing just over 150 grams. One unique feature is that the back’s made of aluminium, so this phone‘s a lot stronger than the average. It can even survive underwater for up to 30 minutes.

The 6 inch display is an OLED screen with Full HD and a resolution of 1080 x 2340. That’s going to give you pictures and video with plenty of gorgeous detail and bold, beautiful colours.

It’s available in 2 colours – Sorta Sage (that’s green) and Just Black (what it says on the tin).


Pixel 5 comes with a 12.2MP main sensor camera and 16MP ultra wide camera for those super-scenic wide-screen shots. On the front, there’s an 8MP camera for perfect selfie snaps. So far, so impressive.

But this is a camera that’s been specially designed to help you take snaps like a total pro. It comes with a whole bunch of handy photo-taking features.


High Definition Resolution enhancement – colour and lighting is upscaled automatically so your pics stay as vivid as you remember.

Night Sight

Who needs flash? Night Sight lets you take vibrant photos with rich colours even in the dark. You can even aim for the stars – Pixel 5 is perfect for astronomy shots.

Portrait Light

Add studio quality lighting to your portrait pics. You can control the position of the light, choosing which parts of the face to highlight.

Super-smooth panning

There’s great features for video too. Pixel 5 keeps panning shots stable, so any sweeping scenic videos look beautifully cinematic.


The best Google phone is made for 5G. Google have designed Pixel 5 for hyper-speed downloads and super-fast streaming. That’s great for all your favourite content, not to mention perfect for Cloud Gaming. Did we mention it has 8GB of RAM? That’s going to boost your gaming performance too.

5G can also take the disruptions out of your video calls. Pixel 5 uses Duo screen share. You can share screens to watch videos and experience content together with friends wherever they are.

And, as a bonus, you’ll be able to share your 5G speeds when you use your phone as a hotspot.

Check if you can get 5G in your area


Security is a Pixel 5 speciality – Google are calling it the ‘security guard’ for your digital life. It’s the first 5G phone to receive the most rigorous smartphone security certification at launch.

The hardware and software are designed to work together to keep everything secure. The phone uses a special Titan™ M chip to protect the OS and all your sensitive data, like passwords and transactions.

Pixel 5 scans for incoming threats from calls, texts, emails and links sent from other apps. Google Play Protect scans literally 100 billion apps every day to keep your phone safe from malware.

You also get 3 years of OS and security updates guaranteed – and they’ll always update in the background, so there are no interruptions.

Google Services

One of the best things about any Google Phone is the total integration of all Google’s apps and services.

Need a question answered? Google it.

Want directions to that new restaurant? Google Maps will get you there.

Need to send a quick email on your way to work? Google’s got your back.

Want to do all that without even touching your phone?  Just shout “Hey Google” and let Google Assistant do the job for you.


Tired of your battery not lasting the day? Pixel 5 won’t just keep you going all day – it can keep you going for up to 48 hours thanks to the Extreme Battery Saver setting.

The phone’s battery is adaptive. It learns about your favourite apps and stops directing power to the ones you rarely use, so energy isn’t wasted.

Pixel 5 charges wirelessly – and you can use it to share a charge with other devices. That’s great if your friends are losing power, or if you forget to charge up your Pixel Buds.

How much does Google Pixel 5 cost?

We’ve got some great Google Phone deals on the Pixel 5. It’s available from £49 upfront, and from £36 a month.

Fancy Unlimited data? Right now it’s half price for 6 months. That’s just £24.50 per month and £49 from month 7.

Google are also throwing in a whole bunch of free subscriptions. For a limited time, you can get:

3 months of Free YouTube Premium

3 months of Free Google One 100GB Storage

3 months of Free Google Play Pass

Like what you hear? Then go check out our Google Phone deals for Pixel 5. We also stock the Pixel 4a for those looking for the older model. Looking for the Pixel 6? We’ve got it in store and online. Check out all things related to Google Pixel phones.