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September 27, 2016


If you’re lucky enough to have one of the latest Samsung phones, such as the S8, you’re probably already familiar with all the amazing tools and features. But to make the most of a bigger display and the awesome screen technology, make sure you’ve got the best Samsung apps to hand. Here are 10 that you might not know about…


Android (free for the first month, then £6/mth)

Yep. There is in fact a mobile app for Netflix. Samsung has claimed that just 10 minutes of ‘fast charging’ will give you four hours of general use, or enough battery to watch a movie. You can watch movies and TV shows online, or stream them straight to your Samsung phone. What’s more, Netflix is part of Go Binge so, you can watch your favourite shows or movies on the go without using up any of your precious data allowance – what’s not to love about that?! Why not try out the free trial to boost your commute into entertainment central?

Pixlr Express

Android (free)

The latest Samsung phones have some of the best smartphone cameras around. Whether you’re a complete amateur or fancy yourself as a bit of a photography pro, you’ll have everything you need to take amazing pictures. But it’s not just about taking great photos – editing and tweaking with the finished result is half the fun, and with Pixlr Express you can take your snaps to the next level. From cropping and rotating to playing with colours, filters and quirky effects, one of the Samsung apps that has everything you could possibly need to be picture perfect.

Atari Fit –

Android (free)

This retro-inspired Samsung app gives you a unique incentive to get fit. The app will track your steps, distance and calories burned – and you can join leaderboards to earn coins it really compliments the best running apps available. These coins will then let you unlock and download some of your favourite Atari games, like Pong, Centipede and Super Breakout. There’s also the straightforward option to buy the games, but fitness challenges are so much more fun. Honest.


Android (free)

Deezer gives you instant access to more than 35 million tracks. Just like Spotify, you can stream music (without using any data, thanks to Go Binge) or listen to your downloaded playlists offline, but with a seriously sexy interface. If you haven’t created any playlists and you’re feeling uninspired, the Flow feature will look at what you listen to and what’s in your Samsung library to create a mix of tunes, just for you. Plus, you can follow individual Deezer editors if you find one that has your perfect taste in music. The high-quality audio you get on your Samsung phone via Deezer is pretty unbeatable. You can even sing along, as the lyrics appear on your smartphone screen.


Android (free)

Chances are that if you consider yourself to be the sporty type, this fitness app might already feature on your phone. Attention newbie cyclists and runners – you can join a whole community of like-minded sport enthusiasts with this social network app. It’s great for keeping you motivated too: you can track your routes with GPS, join in with challenges, share your photos and follow your athletic friends.

Google Photos

Android (free)

There are loads of Samsung apps out there for tweaking, editing and making your photos look fab, but Google Photos is a much-needed solution for organising them. This app is the only service you need to store, backup and view a lifetime of photos, and you can sync it across all your devices. You can organise your pictures by people, places and things. And, in true Google style, the search function is pretty nifty. You can find your favourite images quickly and easily using specific words relating to that photo. You can also crop, edit and add filters to your pictures then share lots of them at once with all your contacts, even if they don’t have the app. 

S Health

Android (free)

Whether you’re training for an official sports event or simply looking to lose weight and get fit, Samsung’s S Health is the app for you. It acts as a personal trainer and keeps you motivated for any goals you’re trying to reach. Interestingly (and somewhat uniquely) it also works as a complete aid to well being. You can use it to monitor your food intake, how much water you drink, your heart rate and even how much UV light you’re absorbing. Of all Samsung apps this has the most holistic approach to health.

YouTube Gaming

Android (free)

If you find it hard to tear yourself away from your console, YouTube Gaming could be your next big obsession. This channel is dedicated to games and keeps you connected to the latest launches, old favourites, fellow players and all the news, reviews and trailers you could possibly need. For times when you can’t play, you can get stuck into watching and chat with others. The app has videos and livestreams from gamers and publishers, and covers more than 25,000 games; so you can suss them out before you buy, or just chill out and watch others take the controller. We have a list of the best free Android games for your Samsung that you can live stream straight onto Youtube.

Hooks – Alerts for everything

Android (free)

If you hate missing out on the action, you need Hooks in your life. When your favourite band releases a new album, you’ll know about it. If there’s a gig happening near you, you’ll know about it. A new film release; the latest novel from your favourite author; your favourite website is down… This app will alert you to everything you care about. There will be some things it can’t update you on, but new alert types are being added all the time. Don’t miss out – literally.


Android (free)

Another of the Samsung apps that’ll turn your photos into works of art. The latest fad takes picture filters to a new level. Instead of playing around with different colours, saturation and contrast, Prisma allows you to make your snap look like a modern masterpiece. The clever technology takes internationally recognisable aesthetics, from a Picasso to William Morris wallpaper, and applies that look and feel to any picture in your photo album. Say goodbye to hours of your life – you’ll be addicted before you know it.

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Main pic credit: Via Pixabay/MOHI SYED