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Experience smooth, serious gaming, ultra-fast download speeds and more, with Three’s 5G plug and play Home Broadband. 

The UK’s Fastest 5G Network

Power up your gaming and experience incredible speeds on The UK’s Fastest 5G Network [1]. Whether you’re racing against the whole family or streaming live from your PC, our reliable 5G internet will help power you through it all. 

Low latency. High-speed downloads

With our lightning-fast 5G Home Broadband [2] and 4K streaming, you can download games and updates even faster and take your game play next-level.

Unlimited data for limitless gaming

All our 5G Home Broadband deals come with truly unlimited data, allowing for endless gaming.

Connect more devices

No one likes buffering and drop offs. Especially gamers. With Three’s Home Broadband for gaming, you can connect up to 30 different devices around the home. Keeping everyone in the house happy [3].

Why choose Three broadband for gaming?

Get your game face on with Three’s 5G Home Broadband Hub. Truly unlimited data, ultra-fast downloads, 4K streaming capabilities, Wi-Fi 6 technology and beyond. It’s plug and play broadband made for exceptional gaming experiences.

1-month and 24-month contracts to suit you–all with truly unlimited data for all your gaming needs.

No setup fee or upfront costs. And a 30-day moneyback guarantee for peace of mind.

Set up in seconds. And order before 8pm for next working-day delivery to get gaming straight away.

Three+ Rewards

Download our Three+ app to claim exclusive offers from brands like Cineworld and Caffè Nero. Plus, get your hands on presale tickets to some of the UK's biggest festivals.

Gaming on the move?

Looking to game faster at home as well as on the move? Check out Three’s incredible Mobile Broadband deals. Connect up to 10 devices so your gaming doesn’t have to stop when you’re out and about.

Frequently asked questions

Experience high speed gaming with our 5G Home Broadband with incredible speeds, 4K streaming capabilities and the ability to connect up to 30 devices, you can take your gaming to the next level without compromising others’ connections in your home.  

Yes, absolutely - our 5G Home Broadband is built for people who love to game. Whether you’re racing against the whole family or streaming live from your PC, our reliable 5G internet will help power you through it all.

Our 5G is super-fast. As our 5G service is transmitted over the air, the speeds you’ll receive can vary due to a number of factors such as your location, the number of users in your area, the position of your router in your home and local geography. With a 30-day moneyback guarantee you can experience how fast our service is, worry free.

When looking for broadband for gaming, you’ll need to consider the type of internet connection, availability, speed, latency, and how much data you’ll need. If you’re interested in Three’s 5G Home Broadband, we recommend using our Coverage Checker to see if 5G is available in your area.  

Most video games recommend at least 3Mbps of download speed to run efficiently. For multiplayer or competitive gaming, such as battle royales or first-person shooters, you’ll likely need higher download and upload speeds to reduce lag. With average download speeds of 150 Mbps our 5G Home Broadband will have you covered no matter what kind of game you’re playing. 

With our 5G broadband plans, you’ll never have to worry about getting cut out mid-battle. All our 5G Home Broadband plans come with unlimited data, enabling limitless gaming and data usage. 

Our 5G Home Broadband requires no landline, fibre optic cable, or engineer, meaning you can set your new gaming internet up in seconds. Just plug your 5G broadband hub in and follow the instructions in our user guide. We also offer next-working-day delivery when you order by 8pm, so you can get gaming as soon as possible.

Speeds can vary depending on where you use your hub, but our user guide will help you get the best speeds in any location.

Depending on your internet provider and package, downloading or streaming games can put a strain on your network. With our 5G Home Broadband, you can connect up to 30 devices, which means you can game more smoothly and avoid interrupting anyone else’s internet connection.

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