The Oppo Find X3 Pro or the X2: Which one's for you?

February 24, 2021

Like Billie Eilish, Avengers: Endgame, and the meme where Leonardo DiCaprio excitedly points at the TV, Oppo made a splash in the UK in 2019. Since then, its phones have been steadily causing a stir, and no wonder. The Find X2 and X3 series are comfortably sitting in the ‘big leagues’ of the smartphone world. And the X2 Pro and X3 Pro have been Oppo’s premium, flagship devices for 2020 and 2021 respectively.

But what’s the difference between them? Which one will best suit you? Are a billion colours enough? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the displays

Yes, you heard – a billion colours. Oppo phones have a reputation for beautiful screens that cater to all users, from gamers, to streamers, to scrollers. The Find X2 Pro has a 6.78-inch screen that boasts a hefty 3186×1440 UltraHD resolution and 120Hz max refresh rate. So, whatever you’re using it for, it looks beautifully vibrant and smooth, and it reacts to touch quickly and accurately.

The OPPO Find X3 Pro goes even further, but is very slightly smaller at 6.7 inches. Its 1 Billion+ Colour Display means you can create colour-rich photo and videos, and watch movies with incredible colour accuracy and vibrancy. But it’s not just a beautiful phone for displaying your pics; the O-Sync Display Hyper Response Engine means it’s perfect for interruption-free gaming.

Onto the cameras

Both of these phones have incredible cameras, but with some distinct differences.

The X2 Pro’s periscope telephoto lens is its stand-out feature. Its (frankly, astonishing) zoom almost does away with the grainy, zoomed-in-from-a-long-distance photos we’ve all taken at one time or another. Plus, its Ultra Steady Video, and Live HDR Video settings help you to create a cinematic experience with your phone.

Users of the X3 Pro have 4 different camera options, with its wide and ultra-wide-angle lenses designed especially for Oppo by Sony. The ground-breaker here is the X3 Pro’s microlens. It’s designed for super close-up photos and can detect details that the naked eye couldn’t capture. For those with a curiosity for the micro; this camera is the one for you. For big Instagrammers, the X3 also offers cool custom filters, which you can create from your own photos using its AI palettes.

How about the designs?

Both of these are good-looking, beautifully crafted phones but with completely different styles, so it’s really down to your preference. The good news for us all is that they’re both protected by IP68 dust and water resistance.

The Find X2 Pro offers more choice than the X3 when it comes to its design. It’s available in ceramic black, or green or orange vegan leather. It’s a unique design, which really makes it stand out from all other premium smartphones.

The Find X3 Pro is – as Oppo say – “inspired by spacecraft”, and it shows. It’s pretty slim compared to other premium smartphones (8.26mm) and its curved, glass back wouldn’t look out of place at NASA.

The practical stuff

Both the X2 and X3 benefit from high-speed charging. The X2 Pro fully charges from 0-100% in just 38 minutes. The X3 Pro does it in 35 (and can charge to 40% in 10 minutes if you’re in a rush.) The X3 Pro has a strong battery life for such an ultra-smart phone. It lasts longer than the X2 Pro, but both have the super-fast charging option, which means you can top-up. If wireless charging is an absolute must for you, then you’ll need the X3 Pro, which also offers reverse wireless charging.

It’s decision time.

Which one is the one for you? Well, to sum up, the Find X3 Pro’s display sets an incredibly high bar. It’s pretty hard to beat 1.07 billion colours. Plus, with innovative camera options and loads of cool extras, it’s a truly ultra-premium smartphone. The X2 Pro has a unique design and is better suited to fans of long-distance photography. If you like an unusual phone design, crystal clear displays, and up to 60x digital zoom, then the Oppo X2 is the one for you. If you need detailed close-ups, the highest-quality display around, and wireless charging, then the Oppo X3 Pro is your perfect match.

Check out the Oppo Find X3 Pro