Time to kill your zombie landline

June 18, 2019


Seriously, when was the last time you even used a telephone? Most of us still have one somewhere. Gathering dust, probably not even plugged in. Not quite dead, not quite alive.

Yet millions of us still pay the line rental every month. And why? So we can get internet. We need our landlines to bring home the bandwidth that gets us online. Or at least we used to.

Broadband, but not as you know it

It’s coming through the air. No phone line necessary. At Three, we’re using our 4G and 5G network to give you home broadband without a landline. And once you get rid of the line, suddenly it’s oh-so-simple.

1. Get your internet hub
2. Plug it in
3. That’s it. You’re online

We have a couple of different hubs to choose from:

Our 5G Hub or 4G Hub creates an instant Wi-Fi network that you can connect up to 64 devices to.

We’ve also got 4G Hub with Alexa. This is an internet hub and smart speaker combined. Alexa is built in. Once you’ve set up your Wi-Fi, ask Alexa to play your favourite tunes, order a pizza, book train tickets, and more. Whatever you need, just ask.

But I’ve already got fibre optic

Hey, if you already ditched the landline, all power to you. But there’s another big advantage to going totally lineless and cableless.

How strong’s the Wi-Fi in your garden? Or upstairs? In the attic, or in the garage?

That’s the great thing about a hub that only needs plugging in – you can pretty much use it anywhere. As long as there’s a plug socket, you can get stronger Wi-Fi wherever you need it.

So cut the cord. Kick the cable. Drop the line rental. It’s time to set your internet free.

Want to know more?

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