Here’s Why You Need a Smartwatch Pairing Plan

February 9, 2023

Man, woman and child on bikes. Tracking a cycle journey with paired smartwatches

Have you ever found yourself in a stressful situation where you need to make an emergency call and you’ve forgotten your phone? Or are you tired of taking your phone with you whenever you leave the house to places like a gym, swim or trim? Smartwatch pairing plans can help solve your problems.

Smartwatch pairing unlocks and unleashes the potential of connectivity. It allows you to stay in touch with all the things that matter to you, without having to carry your devices with you everywhere.

Here’s all you need to know about how Smartwatch pairing plans work and why you need one. 

What is Smartwatch Pairing?

Nowadays, a watch can do far more than just tell you the time. Thanks to Smartwatches, they double as a fitness tracker, GPS device, phone and contactless payment method all in once. But it’s smartwatch pairing that has revolutionised the way we communicate.

Smartwatch pairing allows your Smartwatch to connect to your cellular network. With a Smartwatch Pairing Plan, you can take calls and reply to texts straight from your wrist. You can also download and sync your favourite music, podcasts and audiobooks.

So, whether you’re at the gym, on a hike – or you’ve simply left your phone at home - you won’t miss any emergency calls or texts.

Why do you need a Smartwatch Pairing Plan?

You can’t enjoy the true benefits of Smartwatch pairing without a Smartwatch Pairing Plan. Smartwatches without a Smartwatch Pairing Plan fully rely on a Bluetooth tether or Wi-Fi to connect to a mobile phone. 

This means that in order to stay connected, you need to have your phone within range of your Smartwatch - not ideal if you’re out running or on the go. 

Is a Smartwatch Pairing Plan worth it?

The biggest benefit of using a Smartwatch Pairing Plan is portability. Smartwatch Pairing Plans allow you to connect wherever you are, as long as you have coverage. It allows you to use data and get online when you're out and about, even when you don’t have your phone or Wi-Fi nearby.

If that sounds like a game changer, then it’s definitely worth it for you.

How does a Smartwatch Pairing Plan Work?

Cellular Smartwatches already have an eSIM built in that lets them connect to the cellular network, just like your phone does. Your Smartwatch has to be connected to the same carrier network as your phone for Smartwatch pairing to work. Once your Smartwatch Pairing Plan is activated, you’re able to share your allowances between your phone and watch.

Even better, Smartwatches share the same number as your mobile through the eSIM so there’s no need to provide an additional number to family and friends.

Woman checking her smartwatch whilst stationary in a car

Why should you use Three’s Smartwatch Pairing Plan?

At Three, we’re delighted to offer our Smartwatch Pairing Plans for a number of reasons.

Firstly, our Smartwatch Pairing Plan shares your text, minutes, and data allowance between your iPhone and your Apple Watch. Therefore, any calls made on your Smartwatch will use the minutes included in your phone plan.

Secondly, our 3G and 4G network already covers 99% of the UK outdoor population, meaning you can get online with your Smartwatch Pairing Plan from almost anywhere. Once connected, you'll be able to stream music and make calls from your Apple Watch, meaning you can feel at peace leaving your phone at home. 

How much does a Smartwatch Pairing Plan cost?

If you already own an Apple Watch and want to add Smartwatch pairing to your plan, it costs £7 a month and can be cancelled at any time. Your Apple Watch will automatically switch to the Three network your iPhone is using. Check out more on how to bring your Apple Watch to Three.

If you’re already a Three customer, you can purchase an Apple Watch on a 24-month plan from us and our Smartwatch Pairing Plan will be included in your monthly charge. Find out more about Apple Watches on Three.

What do you need to get a Smartwatch Pairing Plan?

Your iPhone needs to be on a Pay Monthly or SIM Only plan with us as Smartwatch pairing isn’t currently available for Pay as You Go customers. Whether you have an iPhone 11 or an iPhone 14, you can pair your Apple Watch to any iPhone model since the iPhone 6s.

Additionally, you must have an Apple Watch with GPS + Cellular to allow your Smartwatch to pair with your Three iPhone. You can also only have one smartwatch per Smartwatch Pairing plan at any one time.

Whether you’re tired of carrying around your bulky iPhone and want freedom when you go out, or you’re looking for a way to ensure you always stay in touch, our Smartwatch Pairing Plan can make your life much easier. So, find out more about Three’s Smartwatch Pairing plan.