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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a Netflix subscription. Can I still use this offer?
How do I activate the Netflix offer?
Which Netflix plan will I get?
Can I still watch Netflix on other devices, or only stream over the Three network?
Can I watch this on more than one screen at the same time?
How many promotional offers can I get?
Do I receive a free trial month with Netflix?
How can I get this promotion?
What happens if I end my Three contract early?
How does the Three Netflix offer work with Go Binge?
What happens if I cancel my Netflix subscription?
How do I manage my Netflix account?
Why can’t I find the show or movie I’m looking for?
I can’t get signed into my Netflix account.
What happens when my promotion runs out?
How much is a Netflix subscription?
I’m going to port over my number, when should I claim my promotion?
What if I am upgrading, when will I receive the promotion?
I’ve qualified for the offer, but I haven’t gotten the email or text message, OR I’m having trouble redeeming the offer. What do I do?
How long do I have to redeem the promotion?
What personal data will you keep?

Terms & Conditions

“12 months’ Netflix on us” promotion scheduled from 25th February to 31st May 2018, (the “Promotion Period”). Three customers who sign up to or upgrade onto a new 24 month handset Advanced plan with 12GB data or above with a Samsung S8, S8+, Note 8, S9 or S9+, in store, online or on the telephone in the Promotion Period will be entitled claim a credit value of £95.88 (£7.99 standard subscription multiplied by 12 months), on a Netflix account. See our terms and details.