Three Analyst

Three Analyst offers Business customers insight and analytics on the mobile spend and usage of their account. Three Analyst Standard offers overall information on spend and usage of their account, while Three Analyst Advanced offers usage and spend information for each individual user of their account. 

To enable Three Analyst to work, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the following data will be processed:

  • Their and their end users’ data in relation to calls, messages and data.
  • Any associated Customer account information that would normally appear on their bill.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to give notice to and gain relevant consent and authorisation under any applicable laws, from their end users and relevant data subjects for the processing that is needed to enable this service.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that their personal data will also be shared with and processed by Soft-ex Communications Limited, for providing and provisioning Three Analyst and to support technical queries. 

All data processed in respect to Three Analyst will be processed in line with Three’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

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