Three’s obligations to our customers under Condition C8

Here you’ll find a simple summary of Three’s obligations under Condition C8 which covers how we sell and market our services to you.

What is Condition C8

It’s the rules we must follow to make sure that our customers understand exactly what they’re agreeing to when contracting with us. It also requires us and other providers to put in place certain minimum standard provisions in respect of the sales and marketing behaviour of their retailers.

How do we do this

We make sure that all our staff are fully trained to be able to give customers all the information they need at point of sale so they can make an informed decision when buying our services whether this is over the phone, online, in our Three stores or via one of our partners.

Training is provided in the following ways:

  • Sales bulletins, training courses, e-learning modules, leaflets in store.
  • We focus on the contracts and the legal stuff behind it so that our staff have the knowledge to answer questions from our customers with confidence.

What we need to provide our customers

We need to check a customer’s identity before they take out a contract or make any changes to an existing one.

When a customer is ready to agree a contract with us, we should firstly make sure that they are aware of the following key information:

  • Who they are contracting with
  • How long the contract is for and any minimum terms
  • What the monthly recurring charge will be and what is included within this charge like how many minutes, texts and data etc
  • Any out of allowance charges like special numbers or premium rate calls
  • Methods of payment available to our customers
  • When we will start providing the service, if not immediately
  • Information about early termination fees, termination rights and returns periods
  • Details of any sales incentives if applicable, like discounts, one time offers and cash back offers
  • What the terms of any sales incentives are so customers are clear on what they need to do to qualify for them

Our Three stores will provide our customers with all the details relating to the contract agreed to, however if a sale is done over the phone or online then we will send a copy of the above, to our customer, in a durable form in good time after the sale has been agreed. We’ll provide them with all the relevant terms of the contract plus returns details, where applicable, and any change of mind policies.

If you would like to see the full set of rules for Condition C8, you can download this from our website or if you want us to send you a copy just call us on 333 and we’ll be happy to assist.

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