Cancel your contract

We get it; it’s time for a change. It’s not working out anymore. You want to move on. If you want to leave us, that’s okay, but we’ll need to have one more quick chat before you go.

If you want to find out when your contract ends, get a PAC or STAC for your new provider or you’ve just changed your mind within 30 days of joining us, we’ll be happy to help.

Just make sure you have your mobile number, password, address and date of birth to hand.

If you're a broadband customer go to our support page, and we can help you move on smoothly.

Note: We'll need 30 days notice to cancel your contract.

If you decide to leave us within your minimum contract period, you may be charged a cancellation fee to cancel your contract early. This will be equivalent to the total of the monthly charges remaining during the minimum term of your agreement, minus a variable discount. From 14 December 2020, the discount will decrease from 20% to 3%. This is due to a change in the VAT payable by Three on cancellation fees. You can find details of this in your price guide.

Your other options

Leave Three for another provider

Leaving us doesn't have to be painful. You can do everything you need to easily, whether you text to switch, go online or give us a call. We've got all the info you need to know about leaving Three for another provider.

Before you go...

If you just want to know when your contract ends, you want to check out the great deals we have for you or you’re just not feeling your plan anymore, take a look at the Three app or My3 to see if we can offer you anything different.

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