Direct Debit due to be collected on or shortly after 26th June

We’re aware that a small number of direct debit payments which were due to be collected on or shortly after 26th June have not yet been taken. We wanted to confirm that we expect this direct debit to be taken on 30th June. We are really sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please read the below for more information and any action that you need to take.

What happened?

We should have collected your direct debit on or around the 26th June, or shortly thereafter. Due to a processing error, we weren’t able to do that.

What will happen next?   

You do not need to take any action, you will still be able to use your services, and we will attempt to collect this payment on 30th June. Please check your bank account to make sure that you have adequate funds available.   

What if I am struggling to pay?  

Don’t worry, please contact us via contact us to discuss your options. 

If you're a Three Business customer, please contact the Business Support team.