Go Roam Fair Use Policy


Go Roam lets you use your plan, Add-on or data pack allowances in over 160 destinations around the world, subject to our fair use policies.

Note: Pay Monthly customers who joined or upgraded their plan on or after 1 October 2021, will incur a daily roaming charge to unlock their UK allowances for 24 hours in Go Roam destinations. It’s £2 in Go Roam in Europe destinations, £5 in Go Roam Around the World destinations and £7 in Go Roam Around the World Extra destinations.

The daily roaming charge is triggered as soon as a customer uses any of their plan allowances in a Go Roam destination. Find out more about Go Roam.

Go Roam is intended for occasional travel abroad for work and holidays. It’s not for prolonged use or as a permanent service while living or studying abroad. As such, use of Go Roam is subject to fair use policies, which allow us to ensure we can provide the best possible service to the majority of our customers.

Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man are exempt from the daily roaming charge. And when roaming in the Republic of Ireland, fair use limits do not apply.

What are the rules on prolonged use?

If you roam exclusively in 1 or more of our Go Roam destinations (including Go Roam in Europe, Go Roam Around the World and Go Roam Around the World Extra) for any 2 complete months in a rolling 12-month period, we may suspend international roaming on your account. This means you’ll no longer be able to use your phone or device abroad.

If you spend a full month abroad but some of that time is spent in a destination that isn’t included in Go Roam, this fair use policy won’t apply.

Alternative options abroad

If you roam abroad for longer periods, you should consider buying a SIM card from a local provider. We don’t lock any devices you buy from us, so this will enable you to use other SIMs.

Alternatively, you should change your phone settings to ‘Airplane Mode’ and aim to connect to local Wi-Fi to continue using data and making calls. Find out how to enable Wi-Fi Calling. Apps like WhatsApp also allow you to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi.

Returned to the UK?

If you've had international roaming services suspended, and since returned to the UK, please contact us to let us know of the change in your location, and we'll unblock your roaming services.

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