Our 3G Home Signal Box service is coming to an end

What changes are we making?

From 5 September 2022, our 3G Home Signal Box (HSB) service will be retired.

Why are we retiring the 3G Home Signal Box service?

With significant ongoing investment in our network and the availability of Wi-Fi connection and our Wi-Fi Calling service (for compatible devices), the Home Signal Box service should no longer be necessary.

I have a Home Signal Box, what should I do?

Simply switch off,and unplug your Home Signal Box then check you still have coverage. If you do, then you no longer need additional signal support and you can dispose of the Home Signal Box. Find out more about ways to reduce electrical waste through recycling here.

Don’t have a Home Signal Box?

If you are a registered user for someone else’s Home Signal Box, you don’t need to do anything, but if you have been using the box for extra signal support, you may wish to find out more about Wi-Fi Calling by clicking here.

What if you can’t connect without the Home Signal Box?

If you don’t have coverage, then try connecting to Wi-Fi or check if you can use Wi-Fi Calling.

To check if you’ve got a Wi-Fi-compatible device and to find out more about Wi-Fi Calling including how to update your software (if necessary) click here.

Need more help?

For full details of ways to contact us, including Live Chat, click here.

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