Unsolicited bulk messaging

Our Terms of Three Service, Clause 6, outline that it’s prohibited to send a bulk number of unsolicited or commercial communication messages from your account. If you’ve received an SMS from us regarding recent behaviour on your account, we believe you’re in breach of these terms.

Under your contract with Three, you may only use our services in accordance with our reasonable use provisions – laid out under clause 6 of our terms. This includes not using our services or SIM for illegal or improper purposes, like sending content in excessive size, quantity, or frequency. The sending of unsolicited bulk messages counts as improper usage.

As a user of this service, you agreed to abide by our terms when you activated and began using your SIM card. If you need to, review our terms of service.

Continued and further breach could lead to the suspension or closure of your account without further notice – in line with Clause 9.1 under your contract with us. We recommend ceasing any prohibited activity to avoid interruption to your service or termination to your account.

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