What is Unlimited Data?

We believe that if you need data, you should get data. No questions asked. That’s why we’ve got Unlimited Data on lots of our Pay Monthly and SIM Only plans. And it’s Truly Unlimited – all the data you need when you’re in the UK. Plus, you can unlock your UK data allowance in Go Roam destinations – up to 12GB. Pay Monthly customers who joined or upgraded on or after 1 October 2021 will need to pay a daily roaming charge to unlock your UK allowances for 24 hours in Go Roam destinations. It’s £2 in Go Roam in Europe, and £5 in Go Roam Around the World destinations. Any usage over 12GB will be charged at our standard roaming rates. Find out more about data roaming rates.

This usage allowance for data abroad should refresh each month like your allowance in the UK would.

Just remember, you can’t use your Unlimited Data as a Personal Hotspot in Go Roam Around the World destinations. However, you can use up to 12GB of Personal Hotspot in Go Roam in Europe destinations. This applies on both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go.

Not currently on an Unlimited Data plan? You can get one of our Unlimited Data Add-ons to give you a boost through the month. Or, if you want a more permanent solution, change your price plan. You can do this on the Three app or online at My3.

Having problems with your data? We can help. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to get you up and running.

Use of our services for commercial, resale or fraudulent purposes isn’t allowed under our Terms for Three Services. We reserve the right to monitor any unusual activity that may indicate that this is happening. This is to identify and prevent such non-permitted use.

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