About Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband

Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband works just the same as any other Pay As You Go plan. Once you’ve topped up your account, you’re all set. Once you’re connected to your Mobile Broadband device, you can browse to your heart’s content.

More about top-ups

You don't need to register your card to top-up. All you need is your card details and the SIM number of the account you want to top-up. You can do this through My3. You can also manage your account and save your card details, redeem a voucher, buy Add-ons and control your spend.

You can buy a top-up voucher from any shop where you see the top-up symbol. Go to Three.co.uk/topup or your My3 account to activate it.

Most of our top-ups last for 30 days after you've activated them. If you only use Mobile Broadband now and again, you can buy Pay Per Day Mobile Broadband. This won’t apply if you’re on our Data Reward plan. Pay Per Day costs £2.99 per top-up, giving you a 500MB data allowance. This lasts until midnight the day after you buy it.

Find out how to top-up with a voucher.

Find out how to top-up with a card.

Password protect your Mobile Broadband

Security is always important. With our Mobile Broadband devices, you can set up passwords to make sure nobody else uses your connection. Dongles don’t need password protection as they only connect a single computer to the internet.

We’ve got some tips to make your password super-secure:

  • Make it at least 8 characters long
  • Use a mixture of numbers, symbols and letters
  • Create a longer, more complex password, so it’s harder to be guessed

Use our password checker to see how secure your password is.

Mobile Wi-Fi also comes with a passkey, which you can find on the keepsake card. You can use the Mobile Wi-Fi dashboard to change the Wi-Fi name and password for extra security. Check out our device support for help doing this.

To find out how to protect your computer once you’ve connected, check our guide to staying secure online.

Data Reward Pay As You Go

On 3 February 2016, we introduced Data Reward Pay As You Go plans to join our existing Pay As You Go tariff. Data Reward customers who registered before 23 May 2022 at Three.co.uk/freedata were eligible to receive 200MB data free every month.

From 23 May 2022, we removed our Free 200MB offer from MBB PAYG Data Reward plans and no longer accept any new registrations.

Note: Customers who have registered already will continue to receive the 200MB every month for life and the following information is still applicable.

You can use your free data straight away and it lasts for 30 days. Each month, another 200MB of free data will be added automatically to your account.

We’ll always let you know when you're close to using up your data allowance. We'll send a text to your dongle or Mobile Wi-Fi to let you know. If you've got a tablet, you can use your My3 account to keep track of your remaining data.

Once you've used up all your data, we'll redirect you to your My3 account to buy another top-up.

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