Using 3Connect

You can use your 3Connect dashboard to connect to the internet once you've plugged in your dongle.

Your dashboard has some other features that will help you get the best out of your Mobile Broadband, they are:

Your My3 account

Your My3 account allows you to check your Mobile Broadband usage, pay bills, buy Add-ons and more. You'll also find your Mobile Broadband number here. You'll find your My3 account here on:

a Mac


    You can also view your My3 account by going to File and clicking on Go to My3.


Usage gives you an idea of how much data you're using. If you want to know the exact amount, check your My3 account by clicking Go to My3. You can find your usage here on:

a Mac


Useful links

Useful links give you access to helpful information about billing, using your dongle abroad and troubleshooting problems if you're using a PC

To find out how to install your 3Connect dashboard, go to our device support and choose your dongle from the list.

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