About 4G on our network

Your phone should connect to our 4G network straight away. If you're having problems, you can find some helpful advice below.

You can connect to 4G in most towns and cities. You can check coverage by visiting our coverage checker.

You’ll know when you’re getting 4G because your device will say 4G or LTE at the top of your homescreen. You won’t see this if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

As long as you got your 4G device from us, and you're in an area with 4G coverage, you should now be enjoying 4G on Three. If you're still not connected:

  • Check 4G (or LTE) is enabled in your device's settings.
  • Update your software.
  • If you didn't get your phone from us, check your settings to see if 4G or LTE can be enabled.

There are some non-Three devices that may never get 4G on Three, depending on their model and supplier, because they're incompatible with our 4G network.

If you're still seeing issues even after you've checked these things, get in contact with us to report the issue.

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