Buying and managing Add-ons

Data Add-ons keep you connected when you've used up your Data Pack's allowance. They're only available to buy when you have an active Data Pack.

Once a Data Add-on starts, it's available from the first day you use it until it expires, or runs out. 1-Day Data Add-ons expire after 24 hours, while 1-Month Data Add-ons expire after 1 calendar month.

Buying Data Add-ons

To buy a Data Add-on, just open the Three Pay As You Go app or log in to your account. Then select Buy Data Add-on and choose one from the list. You can pay with your credit or one of your registered cards.

Managing Data Add-ons

You can track and manage your active and expired Data Add-ons from the Three Pay As You Go app or your account by selecting View Data Add-ons.

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