Reporting a lost SIM or device

If someone's stolen your device and/or SIM – or either has gone missing – here's how to report it to us. We've also included advice about what to do if they turn up later.

Reporting a missing device and/or SIM

The most important thing to do if your device and/or SIM goes missing is to report it right away. You can do this in the Three Pay As You Go app or online in your account. After it's reported we'll bar the phone and block the SIM, if we need to.

We can block any of the last 6 devices you've used with your SIM, so just pick which one's missing. If the device hasn't been registered yet, you'll see it in the Unregistered list.

If you've lost a device but it's not one of the last 6 you used with the SIM, or you can't see it in the unregistered list, there's also an option to enter its IMEI number.

Unbarring a found device and/or SIM

If you've reported a lost device or SIM, and then find it, you can unbar it yourself – just open the Three Pay As You Go app or log in to your account and follow the steps.

Other useful information

  • When we bar or suspend your SIM or device, you'll need to cancel any premium service subscriptions. Otherwise, you'll continue to be charged for them
  • Your device and SIM can only be blocked or barred by you or an authorised contact
  • If you're not the SIM's owner or an authorised contact, it may still be possible to get it suspended. Get in touch and we'll try to help

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