How to update your personal details

Need to update your account details? You can make most changes yourself, either in the Three Pay As You Go app or logging in to your account.

Changing your title, name, or date of birth

You can change your title and name whenever you like. If you've not already given us a contact name, we'll use the one you add for card payments.

You can also change your date of birth – just not to a date that makes you under 16 years old.

In the 'Your details' section of your account, select Update name or Update birthday. If you haven't added any details yet, select Add name or Add birthday instead.

Changing your email address

To change your email address, open the Three Pay As You Go app or log in to your account and select Update email in the 'Your details' section.

Once you've changed it, we'll send a one-time passcode to your phone – you'll need to enter this to complete the update. If it doesn't come through, just hit Resend passcode.

Remember: you'll need to enter an email address that's not already registered with another Three account.

Changing your billing address

Moved house? You can change your address in the 'My details' section on either M3 or the Three app. Just select Update address, then put in your postcode.

Choose the right address from the list provided, then hit Select address and Confirm. If you can't see your address, you can enter it manually. You can also update a British Forces Post Office address from here.

Unfortunately, you can't use a PO Box as your billing address. You can add a temporary foreign residence as a backup address, but you'll still need to be a UK resident.

Changing your alternate number

To change or add your alternative number, select Update alternative number in the 'Your details' section. Put the right number in, then hit Confirm.

Your alternative number can't be a premium rate or shortcode number. However, it can be a friend or family member's number.

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