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Setting a spend limit

  1. Log in to the Three app and tap Control your spend

2. You’ll be taken to this page. In the example below, the spend limit is set to £60 per month. To change or set a spend limit, tap Change this

3. Use the drop-down menu to set (or remove) your spending cap. You can set a spending cap in £10 increments from £0 - £100. When you’re ready, tap Save changes

You’ll receive a text message confirming that your new spending cap is now set.

Changing the adult content filter

  1. Log in to the Three app and tap More

2. Scroll down to Adult content

3. Turn off Wi-Fi. The next steps can’t be completed using a Wi-Fi connection. On this screen, tap the Adult Filter toggle link highlighted below.

Note: if you get an error when trying to access this page, you’re still connected to Wi-Fi.

4. You now need to verify your age. On this screen, tap Verify you’re 18 or over.

5. Enter your payment information and hit Confirm payment card details.

6. You’ve now verified your age and you’ll see this screen. To toggle your adult filter settings, just tap Manage settings.

7. You can now set your Adult filter status to on or off

  • On means we’ll block access to adult content.
  • Off means we’ll enable access to adult content.

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