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    How you’ll make a difference

    Your old phone could be donated to a young person who doesn’t have internet access, someone trying to enter employment, or a vulnerable person needing support. Below are just 3 of the charities we’re working with to get people Reconnected.

    Providence Row

    An East London based charity supporting people affected by homelessness. Providing immediate and ongoing support with wide-ranging programmes and partnerships, they help people to get off, and stay off, the streets and deal with the underlying cause of their homelessness.

    Business in the Community

    Working together to build a fairer society and a more sustainable future. We're supporting Business in the Community's national programme, which helps people enter employment.

    Good Things Foundation

    A leading digital inclusion charity working to fix the digital divide - for good. Good Things Foundation's vision is a world where everyone is digitally able, equal and safe, so they can be healthier, happier and better off.

    Genuine Solutions - our recycling partner

    Genuine Solutions are multi-award-winning experts in the recovery and distribution of mobile technology. They reduce the environmental impact of wasteful mobile technology by providing ethical and sustainable choices. We're working with Genuine Solutions to process all phones donated through Reconnected.

    Our success stories

    For many of us, having a smartphone is something we take for granted. But 6% of UK households don’t have that luxury*. We’ve positively impacted people’s lives right across the UK, providing them access to a smartphone and 6 months Unlimited data, calls, and texts on Three.

    "I've had four interviews since having this phone and now I'm on a course to improve myself in job search and interview technique.”

    "This was great. The phone has helped me access better financial inclusion services, and given me extra money to put towards my family.”

    "Using mobile internet, especially accessing emails, is the best thing. I didn't have this available to me before the phone was donated to me.”

    Ready to get involved and donate your old handset?

    Frequently asked questions

    Your SIM card contains personal information, so make sure you’ve removed it from your phone or tablet before sending it to us. We won’t be able to return your SIM, so if you leave it in your device, we’ll have to destroy it safely and securely. 

    Apple devices with iOS7 or later:
    Your device will be locked to your iCloud account and this needs to be removed before sending it to us. You can find instructions on how to remove the lock here. Then sign out of iTunes & App Store, and remove all other data by going to General > Transfer or Reset. 

    Android devices: 
    Open Settings > User Accounts and make sure you’ve removed all Google ID and manufacturer (e.g. Samsung) accounts from your phone. As part of our own checks, we’ll always ensure all data has been wiped from your old phone.

    If you need any further help with removing your data from your device, visit our Device support page.

    Each usable phone helps disadvantaged people all over the UK get connected to the digital world. Your old phone could be donated to a young person at risk of homelessness, someone who’s just left the military or a victim of domestic abuse – the list goes on.

    Our partner, Genuine Solutions, will process your donated phone. They’ll ensure all personal data has been removed and test/update the software. Once completed, Genuine Solutions will send the phone with a charger and USB cord to the community organisation. Participants will receive ongoing support from Three and their community organisation throughout the 6 months of connectivity provided with the device. We provide the individual with Unlimited data, calls and texts.

    We’ve partnered with multi-award-winning experts in the recovery and distribution of mobile technology, Genuine Solutions, who will process your donated phone. They’ll ensure all personal data has been removed, and test and update the software. Once this is done, they’ll send the phone with a charger and USB cord to the community organisation. Find out more about why we chose to work together.

    After the 6 months, participants can choose to stay with us as a paying customer or move to another network. They will automatically move on to our standard Pay As You Go tariff while they decide.

    We’ve teamed up with community organisations to select those individuals who’ll benefit most from the scheme, based on employment, financial or digital skills.

    We have a dedicated Support section on our website, or the participant can visit us instore or sign up for one of our free Discovery digital skills sessions at Three Discovery. If a phone has stopped working due to a software or battery issue in the first 6 months of use, they can contact us on Reconnected@three.co.uk to request a replacement.

    We’re looking for smartphones that are capable of a 4G connection and ideally less than 5 years old. For any device which is deemed unsuitable for us to use as part of Reconnected, our partner Genuine Solutions will ensure it is recycled in the most sustainable way.

    No, our partner, Genuine Solutions, will provide a suitable charger and USB cord.

    Three Recycle allows you to sell your device to help cover the cost of a new one. If you donate your device, you won’t receive any money in return.

    You can sell your old phone, tablet, or wearable device with Three. For more information, visit our page on how you can recycle your phone.

    Right now, we’re just focusing on old smartphones, but we hope to extend the scheme to cover other devices in the future.

    If you’re a community group or charity interested in joining the programme, please send the details of your organisation to Reconnected@three.co.uk, and we’ll keep them in mind for when we’re looking to grow our network of community organisations.

    If your old phone is not suitable to be used as part of our Reconnected programme, we'll ensure it is recycled responsibly and fully compliant with our obligations under the WEEE directive.