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Changed your mind?

We always hope you’re happy with your new device but just in case you’re not, here’s how you can return or exchange it.

Just make sure you keep your proof of purchase and receipt with you. And where we give a refund, it’ll be the same form as the original payment.

We offer a “one-off exchange” in 3Store, and a 14 days exchange or return in Three.co.uk or Three Telesales.

The very important bit.


If you return or exchange your device it must be in its original condition and packaging, exactly as you got it. If you haven’t got all the original packaging for any reason, tell the advisor when you’re arranging your return and they’ll send you packing equipment and instructions if necessary. If you don’t return your device in “as new” and “unused” condition, then we will need to charge for any missing or damaged pieces. Please refer to the table below. For hygiene reasons this includes any headsets where the packaging that been opened or had the seal broken.


Please make sure you package your device exactly as the advisor asks you to. You’re responsible for the device until we receive it, and Royal Mail may destroy incorrectly packed devices.


In some cases we won’t be able to offer an exchange or return.




Accessory Type


Apple Travel Charger 3 pin
Mains Charger
Personal Handsfree
Apple USB Cable
USB Cable
1GB Micro SD card
2GB Micro SD card
4GB Micro SD card
8GB Micro SD card


Missing / Damaged
accessory charge


When we say “as new” we mean:


The device, packaging, manual, all accessories and any free gifts that came with the device are all undamaged and don’t have any marks on them.



When we say “unused” we mean:


You’ve not made or received any calls (voice or video), sent or received any texts (unless from Three), or been on the internet with your device (excludes syncing as part of the switching on process). For Apple devices, you’ll also need to make sure you’ve not removed the cellophane wrapping.

Where did you buy your device?



Take your device back to the store that you bought it from within 7 days and you’ll be offered an exchange. Remember it must be in an “as new” and “unused” condition.


Apple device?

As well as being “as new” and “unused", if you’ve removed the cellophane wrapping we’re unable to exchange it.


Web Cube?

The return period for this device is extended to 14 days (rather than 7 days).


Three.co.uk or Telesales.

You can do a “one time exchange” or return your device within 14 days from the day you received it, provided you haven’t used it and it’s in an “as new” condition.



Call us on 0844 338 0330



Call us on 0843 373 3333 (or dial 333 free from an alternative Three phone)


All calls from a BT landline cost 5p/min, other networks may vary.


Apple device?

You can do a “one time” exchange but make sure that as well as it being “as new” and “unused” you haven’t inserted the SIM or registered your device with iTunes (connected it to a computer).


Other retailers that aren’t Three.

You’ll need to check with them to see what their returns and exchanges policy is. If you are given an exchange or refund, but have connected to Three and used any of our services then we may charge you for these.


Are you a business customer?

Contact your Account Manager or call us on 0843 373 3337 from any phone (calls cost 5p/min from a BT landline, other networks may vary).