What's 4G Super-Voice, we hear you cry? Well, only the most amazing thing to happen to your phone signal, like, ever. Three is the first UK network operator to use 4G for voice calls, meaning you can have signal in your building, cottage AND bat cave. Did we mention 4G Super-Voice also means way-quicker network speeds and better performance and reliability?

Tired of flapping your arms around trying to find windows and high ground to improve your signal? So were we, which is why we decided to do a little inventing in our secret lab.* Earlier this year we rolled out our low frequency 800MHz spectrum, meaning you guys are able to make calls, send texts and get online in more places than ever before.

As well as the added bonus of improving network speeds by 50%, the new spectrum has been built to increase the performance, reliability and capacity of our 4G network. It’s pretty geeky, but basically imagine an invisible Iron Man flying around and giving everyone loads more signal and you’re halfway there.

*We don’t really have a secret lab, but we’d absolutely love one, if anyone is selling.

Seeing as we’re the first UK operator to use 4G for voice calls *smug* we know you might not be familiar with all the awesome benefits. So, to make things simple, we’ve summarised the best things about 4G Super-Voice below. We even offer the ZTE Blade v7 – the lowest-priced 4G super-voice phone.

1. You don’t have to worry about signal at gig venues, supermarkets and… caves?

The whole point of 4G Super-Voice is to attempt to eliminate indoor blackspots. All those times you want to send a snapchat of your favourite band to your mates, every occasion where you’re desperate to text your flatmate to see if you already have onions, or just inviting bae down to the local evil lair/cave – we’re hoping that with 4G Super-Voice you can follow through, rather than feel frustrated at those empty signal bars.



2. You can move to the country cottage you always dreamed of

We’ve all been there. The sinking feeling of being on a train or in the car and, as you see the cityscapes make way for rolling hills and beautiful countryside vistas, your Spotify stops working. Your Instagram refuses to update. You have that horrible panic – what if people are Whatsapping you and you only have one grey tick. If you’ve always been a frequenter of quaint villages and pretty rural towns, you’ll be delighted to hear that 4G Super-Voice is now live across most of the UK, which means that you’ll be able to stay connected, even in the sticks.



3. No more mixed messages or dodgy call connections

Break-ups, family fights, time-sensitive work discussions, precise instructions. Just a few examples when it would be completely rubbish for your signal to fall out, break up or cut out completely. It’s just one of the problems we’re fixing with 4G Super-Voice. Not only will it bring more signal to black spots across the country, it’ll also improve the strength of the existing signal, thanks to some super sexy VoLTE technology, which allows calls to be carried across the 4G network. (We’re also the first operator to use this, BTW, *double smug*)


4. It’s probably already in your area, TBH

Did we mention that 4G Super-Voice already covers well over 65% of the population in the UK? Our lovely engineers are running around the country improving this percentage all the time, as well. By this time next year, we expect that 5.5 million customers could have access to 4G Super-Voice, which is pretty lucky considering that we carry more than 42% of the UK mobile data traffic and that there are 215 million Whatsapp messages sent over our network every day.

4G Super-Voice

5. It’s the easiest thing to set up in the world

Basically, all you need is a compatible handset (that you’ve bought from Three directly). There are loads to choose from including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony and Razer, with more being added to this list all the time.

Then, all you need to do is to update the software on your phone to the latest version. You can tell it’s time because that annoying alert notifies you to update your operating system once every 90 seconds. Once this is done, you’re good to go. 4G Super-Voice will be yours and pesky black spots will be a thing of the past. And, before you ask, yes we’re offering this service completely free of charge!

For slightly more serious information on 4G Super-Voice, and to find out if your phone is compatible, check out our support page.

Main pic credit: Via Pixabat/Unsplash/9175images