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If it’s not Three, it’s not real 5G

When we say our 5G is so so real, we mean that it’s genuinely technically superior. Big time. And it comes down to a simple sum.

A relaxed speaker presenting super impressive information about our 5G network to an interested audience.

At its beating heart is our 100MHz contiguous block of 5G spectrum. That big, beautiful slice of uninterrupted 5G heaven, which no-one else has.

There are no fun police here either. Unlike some networks, we don’t speed limit our plans - no way. All our customers can enjoy 5G at full-pelt.

And that’s the difference. The real difference that’ll deliver faster speeds, smoother connections, a life less-lagged.

So, are we real? Oh yeah, we’re real alright.

More G force than anyone else

The people who recognise pure maths genius when they see it, and set standards and policies for telecommunications, have said to deliver a 5G network you need to have a minimum of 100MHz of 5G spectrum. The competition know that and they’re jealous.

A bar chart showing how much more 5G spectrum we have compared with our competitors.

Don’t just take our word for it

This is what the competition said to Ofcom, the telecoms regulator:

100MHz is important. It is viewed […] as the bedrock of spectrum requirements.

- Vodafone

From the horse’s mouth.

Wanna get down and technical?
Come fill your boots

Data on our 5G network is transmitted using purely 5G spectrum. We have 140MHz of it – more than any other network.

What’s more 100MHz of it’s contiguous. Remember that big, beautiful slice of uninterrupted 5G heaven? Well, it’s a bit like having all your tools in one place, and it’s in the most usable frequency range. This makes our spectrum great for stepping up technically, supporting faster speeds, lower latency – all helping to give the customer a better experience of 5G’s power and potential.

In fact, both International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) indicate that to deliver a 5G network, you need to have a minimum of 100MHz of 5G spectrum.

Right now, we’re the only UK mobile network to have over this amount. So, when you and your 5G ready device find yourselves in an area with Three 5G network coverage you’ll be ready to enjoy all the fun and full performance only our real 5G can offer.


How to get 5G on Three

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