5 reasons why you should book a last-minute holiday right now

September 8, 2017

Frazzled? Fed-up? Just removed another elbow from your hip on the Tube? Sat and sweated with everyone else through the eternal heat waves of summer? You need to go on holiday right now.

Say goodbye to the hum and the drum, and hello to five fabulously reasonable reasons why right now is the best time for you to go on holiday…

The hint of autumn

September is a magical time of the year when the wind promises fires and marshmallows and brisk walks, while the weather is bright and sunny and warm. This shift from summer to autumn also has an amazing effect on the wildlife and nature as the reds, golds and browns of autumn colour the scenery.

Best spots for the turn of the season:

The Cotswolds is stunning at this time of the year as the leaves put on their most dramatic finery and the soft silence of the sleepy villages soothes you into somnolent bliss.

New England in the U.S.A. is the ideal location for those who fancy travel further afield. Oranges, pinks, reds – the colours of this countryside in autumn are world-famous, for good reason. The food’s not too shabby, either – think pumpkins, apples, cranberries and, of course, seafood.

The silence

The sounds of tired, harried parents chasing after children freshly liberated from the constraints of school are long gone as September settles in. This makes all those beaches and resorts the perfect getaway escapes for the weary human. They are quiet, not very crowded and often have reduced rates thanks to the sudden dip in tourist traffic.

Best spots for relaxing contemplation:

Brazil’s weather in September is their winter, our summer. It is temperate and delicious without being too hot or overwhelming. It is the perfect time to amble through Rio de Janeiro and visit the Tijuca National Park, the Copacabana Beach and, of course, Ipanema Beach.

French Polynesia – The beaches of Bora Bora and Tahiti are, quite simply, paradise on earth. Swim and snorkel until the sun sets and drink cocktails in the soft scent of summer.

Go Roam

Worried that by packing your bags and disappearing to an exotic location you’ll lose touch with the world and work? Please. Three’s Go Roam lets you Instagram, social and stay in touch with friends and family back home without paying any extra dosh. You don’t even need to sit in a tedious call centre queue to get going, we’ve already set your phone up.

Where can you roam?

In over 70 destinations around the world, including Australia, the USA and Singapore. That’s a lot of places to visit in one September. So basically, we’ve got your bucket list sorted for the next 60 Septembers…

Spring can be in your step once again

Oh yes, as the north turns to autumn, the south becomes spring, making it the perfect time of year to go on safari. The dry and dusty winters of Africa have left the plains bare, making it easy for you to spot game and be awed by nature.

Best safaris for September are:

The Kruger Park – based in South Africa, this self-drive safari park is not only easy on the budget, but also on the eye. Want to be the one who spots the leopard and her cubs crossing the road? Go now. Don’t look back.

Maasai Mara National Reserve – Kenya’s breathtaking national park should be on every bucket list. It has the stunning sunsets, the extraordinary views and the magnificent animals. September is also the best time for the bird viewing fan as the migratory birds are flocking.

Enjoy an autumnal city break

September is a great time to score a top deal on a city escape, where you can enjoy the touristy attractions of Europe’s top capitals like Paris, Rome and Madrid. Or, check out some more off-the-beaten track destinations like Valletta, in Malta (a stunning walled city), or Graz, in Austria, known for its cool culture and art scenes. And snap away with your mobile – these countries are covered with Go Roam too.

Main pic: Unsplash via Stil