How to clear the cache on your iPhone or iPad

December 11, 2017


Need to free up some space and get some speed back in your life? Clearing the cache on your iPhone or iPad works wonders. Here’s 4 ways to free up memory and clear your saved data:

Clear the Safari cache on your iPhone or iPad

When it comes to iPhone, most of us use Safari as our primary browser. Clearing your cache here is a great place to start, and it’s super easy.

– Go to the Settings app
– Click ‘Safari’
– Press the ‘Clear History & Website Data’ button
– You’re done, great job!

Clear the Chrome cache on your iPhone or iPad

So, it’s not quite the same as clearing your cache on Safari, but if you use Chrome instead of/as well as Safari, here’s how to clear your cache on Chrome:

– Go to the Chrome app
– Tap on the three dots in the top right corner
– Click ‘Settings’
– Click ‘Privacy’
– Then click ‘Clear Browsing Data’
– Choose which bits you want to clear e.g. browsing history (tut tut), cookies, passwords, autofill data and click ‘Done’
– Alternatively, click the red ‘Clear Browsing Data’ to clear everything
– Ta-dah!

Clean up app data

Apps can get greedy with the amount of space they take up, so it’s good to check in once in a while.

– Open the Settings app
– Click “General”
– Click ‘Storage & iCloud Usage’
– Tap ‘Manage Storage’
– Your apps will be sorted by the space they take up – choose one that takes up a lot of space
– Click into the app and look at the amount of space taken up by ‘Documents & Data’
– If this amount is over 500mb, consider deleting and reinstalling the app as a ‘clean’ version

Turn it off and on again (yes, really)

Phone feeling a bit sluggish? Want a quick fix?  Turning your iPhone or iPad off and on again will free up some memory to get things back to their whizzy best. Here’s how:

– Hold down the button on the top right of your iPhone/iPad
– Wait until the ‘Slide to Power Off’ slider appears
– Slide it across
– Wait until the device is fully off
– Press the power button on the top right again to turn it back on

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