How to get by when you're abroad: Know the lingo

March 24, 2017

Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go on your super-exciting holiday to (insert amazing destination like the USA, Australia or New Zealand here).

You’re totally ready to party like a local in Sydney, hail taxis like a pro in NYC and hit the nature parks of Auckland, and you’ve even got your phone-turned-guidebook-and-saviour ready for any adventure. You can even try your hand at becoming a digital nomad.

Citymapper will get you anywhere you need to go (on time), you’re not missing anything in the UK because you’re still the life and soul of every WhatsApp group you’re in, and the best part is, you’re not being charged anything extra by Three for roaming abroad.

Yes, we mean it – no extra charges for using your phone abroad with Three thanks to Go Roam (also known as the can’t-leave-home-without essential for every traveller and global nomad). Go Roam is something we’re very proud of: you can use your phone abroad in over 70 destinations across the world, at no extra cost. So being abroad is just like being at home (but with tastier food, cooler stuff to see and way-better weather).

Here’s the thing: once you get to your destination of choice, you might find that you can’t actually understand everything the locals are saying. Which is weird, because you’ve gone to an English-speaking country precisely because you wanted to avoid any language-barrier issues (and Duolingo isn’t much help when it comes to translating idioms). Heaven forbid anyone mistakes you for a tourist (although you do plan to use your accent to its full advantage) –  you want to live like a local while you’re way.

Which means going to the ‘dopest’ sushi restaurant in L.A., as Americans would say, and then getting juiced about that Universal Studios tour you’re booked into (especially the Harry Potter bit – go Gryffindor!).

Or shouting “Yeew!” when you realise you’ll be spending tomorrow arvo kayaking around Sydney Harbour.

And knowing that when you need a packet of crisps and it’s 11pm in Wellington, the best place to go is the dairy.

Confused? We’re here to help. We’ve translated some of the most popular local lingo from our favourite English-speaking long-haul destinations, with the help of local dialect lover and YouTube star Korean Billy.

Watch, learn, enjoy… and impress all the locals on your next trip. G’day mates.

Main pic: Via Pexels/Unsplash