Let’s talk about the Three app

March 29, 2018


Want to check how much data you’ve got left, or to check a call cost? Get it all in a glance, with the Three app.

It’s free to download from the App Store or Google Play Store. It’s free to use too.

What can you use the Three app for?

Check your allowance

With the handy graph on the first page of the app, you can stop guessing and stay on top of your usage. It shows you exactly how much allowance you’ve got left. It updates automatically, but you can also pull the screen down to refresh it.

Check your price plan

Not sure which price plan you’re on or when you can upgrade? Then check the Plan menu. It gives you your price plan, a breakdown of your allowance, your monthly cost, your contract end date and when you can upgrade.

If you find that your current allowance isn’t quite enough, you can buy an Add-on or change your price plan to increase your allowance. Not sure what the difference is? Go check out our article on changing your price plan, it’s got everything you need to know.

You can also use the Plan menu to find out if you’ve got International Roaming set up.

Keep an eye on your bills

The Bill menu lets you know when your next bill is due to be produced. It also shows your direct debit date, and a breakdown of any extra charges that have been added.

You can view an itemised PDF version of any of your bills from the previous 12 months. Just tap the bill that you’d like to view.

If that’s not enough, you can also set up notifications to let you know when your bill’s due and more. If you change your mind, they’re easy to turn off too.

Help and support

There are some easy-to-use help and support options on the Three app too.  Tap more to see a full list.  From setting up a direct debit and controlling your spend, to buying accessories and getting in touch with our Live Chat team – there’s loads you can do.

Here’s what some of our favourite bloggers had to say about using the Three app:

Lou – Birds and Lilies

 “It’s so handy to have all of the information right there in the app, especially if say my bill is higher than usual and I can easily find out why.”

Kip – Kip Hakes.com

 “Also, within the Three App, you can see the current position of your Three contract too. There’s no need to ring up Customer Services to find out when you’ll be able to upgrade your phone – it’s all there, in the Three App! If you’re eligible to upgrade, you can do it in the app too.”

Laura – A Daisy Chain Dream

“I’ve always been impressed with the three app, it’s always been user friendly and readily accessible meaning I can check my usage on the go, and access help and support regarding my phone and my contract whenever I need to.”

Penny – Penny Travels

“…I can instantly see just how much of my data I have left for the billing month, as well as loads of historical usage data that statistic geeks like me love.”

Charlotte – Memoirs & Musings

 “Previously I would check my balance on a desktop because I’m old school but now I can check do it through the tap of my home screen. Gotta love technology!”

Elizabeth – Where Roots and Wings Entwine

“I use the Three App the most, using it on a regular basis.  I love that it helps me take control and manage my mobile use with everything I need to track my spending, get advice and support plus manage my account is at my fingertips thanks to the easy to use app.”

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Three app today.